Some Dude at the Train Station

A short and random story about a guy I saw at the Train Station the other day.

The other day as I was stepping off the train I saw a somewhat elderly man, probably in his upper fifties greet his wife. (I assume) The exchange that then occurred was incredibly simple in nature, a quick kiss for greeting followed by the husband gesturing out with his hand for his wife to give him the backpack she had been carrying. Then just before starting down the exit ramp the man stopped and quickly turned back to let me pass through since he had realized that I was moving a fair bit faster than him and his wife.

This could be chalked up as just another thing I saw that day, but when I saw this whole exchange occur I instantly thought to myself, “Man, I hope I can be like that when I’m older.” I thought this specifically with regards to this man because there are several things we can extrapolate from this small string of events. The first of these is how the relationship between the man and his wife was clearly strong despite what I assume is the considerable length of time they have been together. I really hope that as I get older that there still is that love for whoever my wife is. I hope that I still want to kiss her in public even after many years together. Next I noticed the how the man took the backpack for his wife it made me think about how I want to be sure I’m both able to and willing to help out with even the small little things for those I love in my life.This is all assuming that I ever do get back into the dating game and find a wife of course, but we all know that I eventually will…. right?

Anyways, there was one more thing I wanted to touch on with what I saw from the man I saw. When he let me pass him at the ramp I couldn’t help but notice how aware he was of his surroundings. Even people my own age aren’t aware enough of their surroundings to allow people clearing moving faster than them to pass. Am I that aware? Probably not, another thing to work on.

So I guess I just wanted to tell you some random story of a dude I saw at the train station the other day and how even tiny exchanges that occur can remind us of very important aspirations we have in life. Make good choices everyone.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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