White Guy Embarrasses Self on Internet

So I haven’t got anything up here in a while, but in a strange turn of events I found myself making a short rap for my friend Kassie Lowry’s birthday. I figured that it would make perfect sense to go ahead and upload myself making an idiot of myself ot the Internet and even post the video on my own personal website. What could go wrong? Anyways, have a good laugh at me everyone.

Link to Video

What is there even to say about me? One thing is that the first time I sat down to write this I just gave an explanation of what this site is instead of talking about, ya know, me. I think that's a pretty good way to describe me, though. For the most part, I am not much more than the sum of all these random thoughts and stories I put up here. Maybe there's more, but that just means I need to write more here.

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