My City. 

The first write-up in this post schedule world of mine will be a love letter. Many that know me personally are reaching peak levels of excitement right now since it’s well known that my love life could b best described as a… well a barren wasteland of apathy.

Sadly for you all this letter is not addressed to a special girl I have my heart set on. Rather I want to confess my undying love for the city of Edmonton. While I’ve only lived here in Edmonton for almost two years I can’t really imagine living anywhere else. I’ve never enjoyed living in a certain city as much as Edmonton. Edmonton is a reasonably big city, so that defiantly appeals to my inner city slicker, but it’s also not so overwhelmingly large that you get swallowed up in its size. It’s also full of life, like if I want to find something to do on any given night you can sure that with a little effort that I can find a party, festival, or whatever that will be amazing. I mean there is still a massive number of restaurants I want to try throughout the city. (Anyone wanna become best friends/ a foodie with me?)

While there are plenty of things to do around the city throughout the year I really feel like the city thrives in the winter, and sure it’s cold enough here to make even the Starks think twice about living through an Edmonton winter. I actually happen to quite enjoy the winters here though. There are always lots of wintertime activities going on, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, which frankly most nights it isn’t for me, you can always use the cold as an excuse to just stay inside with a good book, movie or maybe even cuddle up with someone special (Ladies…) I do however that you check out the city at least once during Christmas time since it’s just silly how pretty it is then.

Speaking of pretty things, check out this skyline of Edmonton. Like how can you not just love that? I mean it’s clearly not the best picture I’ve taken but it’s a really nice skyline. In fact if you ever find yourself in Edmonton I’d be more than happy to show you this particular spot. You just have to you know… get yourself to Edmonton. (ladies… again.)

DSC_0006_1 (2)

Now this city ain’t just good looks and fun shows though. In fact I would say without a doubt in my mind it’s the people I’ve met while living in Edmonton are by far my favorite part of living in this city. There are several people that I’ve met here that have become some of my absolute closest and most trusted friends. That’s all well and good, especially since I’ve usually been the type of guy that prefers to have a smaller group of friends, but I’ve met a staggering amount of people that I quite enjoy the company of, but I haven’t spent enough time with them to develop that close of a relationship. This is coming from me, one who would describe my relationship with humanity as “strained.” I guess people here are just more approachable, which helps me get over that initial ice breaking experience.

Now let’s slow down for just a minute here, Edmonton is not all sunshine and rainbows like I’m describing it as. Truth be told that while I have certainly have had the highest moments of my life in this city, that has also come with the absolute lowest of lows. Days where I couldn’t find the energy to get myself out of bed since I couldn’t convince myself that there was any point to leaving my bed. Times where I’ve felt like I’m trapped in a dark corner of a room without even the slightest clue of where the light was, or if there even was light left. Times where I’m convinced that I’d be better off abandoning any of my dreams or aspirations and just accepting a life of mediocrity at some minimum wage job. Even when I’ve had all this doom and gloom surrounding me I’ve been able to count on one thing. Those same friends how I have become so close with since moving to Edmonton have without their knowledge managed to drag me out from my dark corner and get me back into a well lit space. While those people are still around I will love this city with all my heart, and even once they go I will still love this city. It’s my city for what its worth. My home.

Hey thanks for reading my little love-letter today, sorry that I ended on kinda a lower note but I think I managed to bring it back a bit there. Really happy that I just managed to get something up and done again here. If you enjoyed this leave a little comment telling me about your favorite place you’ve lived in, do you still live there? What makes is your favorite place? Let me know and have a stellar day everyone.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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