Worlds Day 1

Rejoice League of Legends fans for the World Championships has finally begun it’s month long journey and since I don’t have much going on in my life I might as well be here to sum up the whole thing as it happens! If you’re new to league of legends fret not, there is a short quiz you can take that will tell you what team you aught to cheer for and it can be found here. It’s like those personality tests in magazines but for video games! Credit to @Fionnonfire for creating the quiz in the first place. Go ahead and take it, I’m sure you’re curious about the results.

Now that you have taken the Teamdr quiz (that is what its called) you are ready to hear about how your new favorite team did today. However if you recently found out you’ve actually been a lifelong fan of TSM, Origen, LGD or KT rolster your team did not actually play today, but you should still read this so you can keep tabs on what the competition is doing.

Fnatic fans had good reason to get excited as the European champions took down Invictus Gaming of china with some clever drafting and great early game preparations. Fans of Invictus Gaming (IG for short) shouldn’t become too worried though since the team is known for their inconsistency so even though they kinda sucked today they’ll probably dominate tomorrow and then flip coins to determine how good they are the rest of the tournament.

Big shock for new fans of Taiwanese team AHQ as they dropped their game against heavy underdogs Cloud 9 in another short and decisive game that featured a couple of creative champion picks from both sides with AHQ opting for the very aggressive assassin like Rengar in the jungle and Cloud 9 opting for a Veigar pick in the mid lane. Unfortunately only one of these picks seemed to work out as AHQ’s jungler Mountain looked more lost in the jungle than deadly while Incarnation of Cloud 9 used Veigars powerful zoning spells to help his team keep the American Dream alive.

Group C would provide no surprising endings as both group favorites Edward Gaming (EDG) and SK Telecom T1 (SKT) won their games against the Bangkok Titans and H2K respectively. Anyone who happened to find out about their love for H2K today, I’m sorry. Your team is good, but stands no chance to advance out of their group. You can at least take solace in the warm and comforting smile of your mighty mid-laner Ryu.

Yes this is as happy as he gets

If you had the even worse luck of finding out you love the Bangkok Titans, well… I have nothing to say really your team is going to get crapped on pretty much every single game.

Group A played their games last today since Riot are still figuring out what the world alphabetical means. The Faithful were tested as everyone favorite source of League of Legends memes Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) squeezed out a win against the Flash Wolves. If you are like me and a fan of CLG, get ready for a bumpy ride and some savage memes. Fans of the KOO tigers can rest somewhat easy knowing that their team hasn’t changed a bit with a slump in the early game against Brazil’s Pain Gaming, but a quick readjustment in the mid game led them to another decisive and short victory. (It was a common theme today. Pain Gaming fans can at least enjoy typing random Portuguese phrases of Twitch chat.

That was Day one of worlds folks, don’t worry though there are at least 7 seven more days of  group stage games and I’ll be with you every step of the way! Have a stellar day.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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