Arbitrary Movie Awards pt 4

Biggest Show Stealer

Nominees: Sadness, (Inside Out) Alejandro, (Sicario)

Show stealers are those s characters that  seemingly take over movies by virtue of them being just awesome even though you didn’t expect them to be that remarkable or important to the movie. Think along the lines of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, he is obviously meant to be a side character but darn it all ya can’t help but love the tree with limited vocabulary. Unfortunately I can only think of a couple rather then the standard three nominees I have for most of these awards, but this is an arbitrary thing so not really gonna do that much research other than watching the movies.

Alejandro is what makes Sicario a great film in my opinion. (I find it hard to talk about him without doing at least some spoilers about the movie so you have been warned.) Replace him with any other type of character and you have a pretty cool looking movie about the horrors of drug cartels but that is about it. Alejandro though becomes the personification of the compromised morals required to actually fight a meaningful war against a force as terrifying and ruthless as our modern day drug cartels. Benico Del Toro who plays Alejandro absolutely kills it in this movie and that’s what really takes the focus away from our protagonist played by Emily Blunt and makes it Alejandro’s movie. However like I said just a little while ago, Sicario would still be a pretty good movie without him so he doesn’t entirely steal the show for me. 

In my mind Sadness takes this award because her take-over of the movie is what keeps it going. If you take Sadness out of Inside out or even get a sub-par performance from Phyllis Smith, the movie goes from being one of the best of the year to a runner for most whatever movie of the year. Seriously go back and almost every key moment that makes the movie great is because of Sadness. All the best jokes belong to her and the overall message that it’s ok to be sad sometimes falls apart without Sadness being such a great and compelling character. If the audience doesn’t relate to Sadness all of the mean things Joy does her becomes somewhat justified and there isn’t any need for Joy to learn a lesson and change. Sadness is in my mind the keystone to Inside out and she fits in perfectly.

Since I missed yesterday I’ll get another one out of the way today since I really want to be done this by Wednesday so I can move on to something else.

Linkin Park Award for Trying so Hard (but in the end it Doesn’t Even Matter!!!)

I don’t even have any nominees for this category since there was only a single film from 2015 that looked like it tried so incredibly hard to be amazing and came just a bit short. That was the Wachowski’s newest adventure Jupiter Ascending. Like what an ambitious film this was. Think about some of the concepts talked about in the  movie, first off we have Mila Kunis being named essentially Queen of the galaxy because not because of some royal lineage, but rather that she matches the DNA of a massive business dynasty’s previous owner. Then we have these intergalactic police that Channing Tatum used to work for but got drummed out because he couldn’t overcome some of the animal DNA built into him. The craziest of all these ideas though was making a movie where Sean Bean doesn’t die! That’s really just scratching the surface of everything this movie tries to do, and because it tries to do so much  it ends up being stretched too thin and is why the movie ultimately ends up being kind of a bust. I mean I still like it but that is because I REALLY WANT to like it, and not because the movie is actually just good based only on its merits.

Doesn’t it just look so cool?

So I hope you enjoyed your double dose of movie ramblings from me today, and remember that there is only more random award before I actually tell you about the best movies of the year and crown my personal favorite. Peace out!



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