Genesis 3: The Salty Suite

This weekend there will be a huge Super Smash Brothers tournament with the third installment in the Genesis series. The Melee portion of the event will feature over eighteen hundred participants including all but four of the top thirty-two currently ranked melee players. (Amsa, Hax, Fly, and Leffen are not in attendance.) The tournament is going to be massive and there are a hundred million stories going into the competition. Rather then try to break down all of these separate story lines I’m going to focus on a side event; The Salty Suite.

For those unfamiliar with fighting games, salty suite is a term used to describe an event where people set up a live stream in a hotel room and a few show matches are played. These typically feature players who have recent history, (almost exclusively bad) rivals who haven’t met in tournament in a long time, or legacy matches with old-school players. Salty Suites in most fighting games feature small crowds, alcohol and lots of hype. The Smash community has taken a slightly different spin on the idea. Instead of the small hotel room setting, the Salty Suites in smash are typically held at the main venue and as such feature much larger crowds. They also don’t feature alcohol almost at all, but the beef, rivalries and hype are all still there.


The Salty Suite at Genesis currently has two confirmed matches, the first being S2J vs Abate. The story behind this match is simple, at another large tournament (The Big House 5) S2J and Abate played a best of five set in Winner’s round of sixteen. The set was relatively back and forth with Abate taking games one and two and S2J bringing it back with wins in games three and four, the fifth game wound up in a final stock situation (Both players reduced to one life) and in a moment it seemed that S2J had gotten the upper hand when he knocked Abate offstage and hit a down air attack which in many circumstances would have ended the game. It didn’t. Instead of being sent downwards to his doom, Luigi (the character Abate was playing) something known as the Invisible ceiling glitch occurred which basically caused Luigi to not move at all instead of being sent downward. You can understand why people would want to see a rematch of this, a player seemingly robbed of a victory by only a glitch in the game, that isn’t how Abate sees it though.  Honestly this match doesn’t promise the best in terms of raw skill on display, but it will be an incredibly entertaining set regardless.

The other salty suite match has much more to do with things happening out of game than in. HugS and Nintendude have been at each other over Twitter for a little while now. A fair portion of the beef can be traced to HugS distaste for Wobbling, a tactic that Ice Climber players can employ to indefinitely hold their opponent in a grab and basically guarantees the one of your opponents lives. I wasn’t really that excited for this match, but the hype trailer made for it was so hilarious and amazing as Nintendude delivers this dead-pan trash talk with Ave Maria playing in the background is so great in my mind. This won’t as exciting a set to me, but the twitter posts and rants following it will be majestic with the overflowing of salt from whoever loses, doubly so if HugS gets “Bibbidty-bopped” as he once said.

If you have never watched a Smash Bros. tournament before I’m telling you that the Salty Suite at Genesis 3 is a fantastic place to start. The crowd will be loud, the commentary will be hype and by golly the salt is going to flow. Catch it live on Saturday Jan. 16th at Peace out folks.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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