Small Things

There are a lot of things that I’d like to write about on my blog, but when I sit down to write them there just doesn’t seem to be enough to say about them to really make a full post. It’s like I want to recommend a movie to people, but I can’t go into detail since that’ll just spoil the movie ya know?

Speaking of movies, you all should check out Predestination. My roommate Nathan recommended it to me. It’s a movie about time travel so there are some obvious problems with the story but those happen in pretty much every single time it’s done. Seriously I challenge you to find a time travel movie that doesn’t have paradoxes. That aside it’s pretty solid. The aesthetic is cool, Ethan Hawke is solid which is to be expected since he’s like a good actor. Surprising to me was Sarah Snook, who plays The Unmarried Mother. It’s different and I like it, not much else to say.


A little while back I went on several outings that could be best described as “girls night out” Thing is, I’m a dude. In case anyone was curious. Definitely identify as a dude over here. So the question is what on earth am I doing at a girls night? I have a terrible theory. You see in popular Mormon culture there just aren’t that many gay guys to fit into the stereotype of the gay best friend, so in the place of that frankly outdated stereotype I get my time to shine. Why me? Because what I lack in sexual preference I make up for in sass that is why. (Yes, you actually just read that.)

My Friends
Then there is me.

You know what a big downside to going to girls nights is though? You never go to a burger joint. WHY NOT? Everyone likes burgers in one form or another, veggie, chicken, or double bacon cheese variety. There is something for everyone, especially at The Burger Joint on the south side of Edmonton. Good burgers with an that you custom order, it legit has so many choices it almost felt a bit overwhelming when I first went there. Next cheat day head over there and enjoy a good burger and some curly fries. Mhmm… curly fries.

Three random thoughts for today, and I even managed to stay pretty positive and not make too much fun of anything. Good job me. Peace out everyone.


Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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