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I honestly don’t know if I can write blogs about things that aren’t related to movies at this point, but  that doesn’t really matter to me so long as I am actually writing something. So today I want to focus in on soundtracks from movies, you know all that epic music going on while the hero and villain duke it out, or the soft melodies playing while the two people meant to be together fall in love? That kind of stuff.

Now what I specifically want to talk about are specific pieces/songs from movies. Spoiler alert they’re all my personal favorites from those movies. As I go through these I’m going to ramble about how I think the piece relates to the story of the film so spoiler alerts and any movies I talk about that you haven’t seen yet.

The first piece I want to talk about is End of the Line from Tron Legacy. It shouldn’t surprise anyone  that I love this soundtrack since the concept of the movie is right up my ally and Daft Punk knocks it out of the park.  This particular piece is just one of my personal favorites. It just sounds like something you really would hear at a digital themed club no? Like it’s not a tune you would really dance along to but definitely one people would listen to as they socialized/drink. The melody also suits the character of Castor/Zuse and his very devious nature. I also love that some of the less notable sounds  sound very much like the ones you would hear when you take damage or die in an old school arcade game which alludes to the chaos that will soon occur in the club. Mhmm… things nerds pick up on. Gotta love it. 

We’ll step into another Disney franchise for the next piece with He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I mean how can you not love this piece? It’s just so fun to listen to and you feel the epicness of the adventure Will and Jack are undertaking as you listen to it. I don’t know about you but when I listen to this I want to grab the nearest sword-like object and see if anyone is down for some impromptu dueling. (People rarely are by the way.) Really this is pretty much the opposite of End of the Line since He’s a Pirate looks to get you out and about in the world of pirates while End of the Line suggests that you sit down, grab a drink and see what the other guy does first. Do you feel me on that? It’s ok if you don’t, I just thought that would be a good thing to say now…

I think I’ve got room to do one more, and it’s Lord of the Rings. So let’s really get our nerd on. From the Return of the King, The Fields of Pelennor stands out as just a truly great piece of music to me. the first minute and a half about are so great in the movie. For those of you who can’t recall the whole thing by memory, this is the point where it seems the battle for Minas Tirith is lost and Gondor will surely fall, but fear not for the Riders of Rohan have arrived to save the day! Starting with the beating of drums in the distance and the horn lines that let you know that it’s not over yet. The horns pick up more as we move forward and it begins to sound more and more like the iconic Roharrim music from the Two Towers. Then at 1:10 we have this big blast from what I assume are trumpets to let us know that the real party is about to start and the reply from the enemy is instant. Really heavy drum beats and low horns let us know that the orcs of Mordor will not be intimidated by some cavalry on a hill. Then the choir hits at 1:47 and we all know that this is about to go down.

From there we have about a minute of just purely epic music  with the choir just going absolutely hamburgers letting you know that the battle being fought can’t even be classified as epic, legendary is the only word that can describe the scale and importance of what is going on around you.  Finally just before the three minute mark the choir break and the trumpets come back in full force as the Rohirrim break through the ranks of the orc army and the carnage really gets going. Isn’t Lord of the Rings just amazing? Like dang I need to go re-watch those movies this instant.

Hope you enjoyed some ramblings about movie music. Peace out.


Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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