Rip on Kim Passey

Alright so I probably won’t find the time to write this out next week and it obviously needs to be done before she passes on/get married/whatever you wanna call it so were just gonna get on with it today I suppose.

For those of you who don’t know when particularity close friends of mine (Somehow all female so far, come on bros! step it up) get married I have a tradition of writing a blog post about them and the importance of their friendship to me. Basically it’s meant to be a lame piece where I sing the praises of a person or something like that. Today I sing the praises of one Kim Passey.

Kim is the realest friend I’ve ever had. Not to say that anyone of my friends are fake, but more to emphasize the point that Kim is the one that has been around to have the much less fun conversations that are still very important to have. Too put it simply for several years Kim and I have had an understanding that we can call out any insane ideas/actions the other person has. This realness isn’t without some drawbacks though, there have been times where both of us have been unimaginably upset with the others actions, but that is going to happen when you get real, but friends eventually get over it and move on. Since were both young adults most of this dealt with dating. I can’t imagine the ludicrous number of headaches I must have given this poor girl over the years she desperately tried to get me to understand simple ideas like, “Just ask that girl over there out!” (Frankly I still don’t seem to understand that one, but that’s on me.) I must be even worse since most of the time when she explained these very simple things to me it would be after we had had a discussion about her dating life and I had given her advice that she would actually listen to and pertained to more complicated scenarios! Imagine this, you are back in elementary school and your friend has just helped you through a gritty long division question and not two seconds later they’re asking what two plus two is. You’d have to be in shock thinking, “Is this real? Did I actually get help from them? I need to rethink my life choices.”

This is what talking to me about dating is like and thankfully Kim was patient and kind enough to endure it. Probably because she is simply a very good listener, she might not think it but she is. Like have you ever seen one of my esports related posts and kinda just ignored it since you know you’re not gonna get a whole lot outta of it? (I’m not offended that is what nearly everyone tells me.) Yeah? Now imagine having a conversation about esports with me. Face to face. She listens to that crap and actually responds with specific inquiries, not because she cares a lot about it, but she’s a good friend and that’s what you do. Props.

Kim’s been an excellent friend to me over the years and I couldn’t be more happy for her and Max. I’m incredibly proud to call you a friend. Don’t forget that just because you are getting married that you no longer have to deal with me though, there are still a few months before I move to the states. Peace out everyone!

Kim is the Far right, sidenote I had so much swag in 2012.



Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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