Definitely not Rip on Katie Broadhead

As you might know, when close friends of mine get married, I forcibly remove myself from  the throne of all time great procrastinators in order to write some nice things about them. The last time I did this was for my friend Kim Passey and I titled the post “Rip on Kim Passey” (You know since getting married is like dying hehehehehehe) Some folks, (my sister) took issue with the title thinking I was writing an actual eulogy and that person had really died. Apparently I’m the kind of person that would start a eulogy with “rip on.” I like memes, but come on I have respect for people too! At least a little.

Title rants aside I am here today to say some lovely (hopefully) things about a very good friend of mine Katie Broadhead. I feel it is very important for me to say lots of nice things now since she has made the mistake of allowing me to MC her family dinner. This means that I will me making a large number of jokes (like at least three) at her expense, so I have to say good things now in order to counter-act the “shade” I’ll be throwing her way this Saturday. (Not actually though)

Katie runs her own blog (SarcasmandSentiments) where she posts about as frequently as I do. So barely. I find this very frustrating at times since whenever she does put something up it’s incredibly entertaining to read and I feel like I learn and grow as a writer just from reading her work. One of the things she does particularly  well on this blog of hers is demonstrate how remarkably comfortable she is in her own skin. A lot of what’s written there are stories about what one might put as non-optimal decision making on her part. It’s OK though since we are all human and owning up to those experiences is just one of the things that makes her such a phenomenal human being.

Another aspect of what makes Katie such a great person is her sincerity towards others. She as far as I can tell genuinely wants to understand the people around her and makes an active effort to do so. If you present a bizarre point of view to her she won’t just outright dismiss it, not until you at least have an opportunity to explain your point of view on the matter. When she compliments another person you know without a doubt that she means it entirely, unless she drastically changes her tone then you know she’s being snarky but that much should be pretty obvious to everyone.

Katie is also one of the few people I’ve met who could match my random knowledge about television and movies. I’m not saying I’m a guru or anything, but I definitely know more than the average person and she arguably knows more than I do. (She’s got me beat on TV for the most part while I take an edge in movies in case you were wondering.) Some might view this as a bad thing, but its not like TV consumes her life so maintaining a strong knowledge about things that dominate popular culture can be a pretty useful skill set. This goes double for her since she is an education major and we all know that the way to reach the kids is through a sick reference game. I feel like this stash of knowledge and trivia is partly what makes her so darn funny, combined with her natural wit she is able to find a humorous quip to compliment any scenario.

Above all these other things though, Katie is honest, kind, funny and remarkably smart individual that I really look up to. I aspire to have writing as smooth as hers, to be as passionate about life as she is, and to not only have a sincere desire to be a better person every day, but too make good on that desire and make those improvements daily. Thank you for being the incredible friend you are and I wish you the happiest life you can imagine.

Just me at another girls night ft. Katie (Second from left.) PS I would be a dope wizard no?

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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