Best Burger in Provo: Part 2

I’m back again on the hunt for the best burger in Provo, only I think I ventured into Orem to get a Classic Smash from the burger chain Smashburger. I’ll allow it though.

The Classic Smash features the Smashburger patty which you can get in two sizes. Regular, which pretty much matches the size of the bun as well as you could expect with a burger, or the big patty which goes out another 1/4 inch or something. I didn’t measure it. I got the big patty though, cause the real goal of this is to become a fatty mcfatfat person that needs a crane to be moved around. Back to the burger though, beyond the patty it features all the normal things like lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, ketchup, onions if you are a weirdo and into that stuff, their signature smash sauce (who knows what that is, but it’s tasty.) and an egg bun.

The egg bun is pretty great if you ask me, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fried bread would be considered tastier to someone like me. As a general rule of thumb if you can fry it I’ll like it more. All the other condiments play out as you would expect, but Smashburger doesn’t make the mistake of layering two tomatoes on top of each other instead favoring a larger slice that actually covers almost all of the burger. Weird. One small complaint about the condiments was that on the bigger patty I actually ran out of condiments before finishing the burger, leaving me to somewhat awkwardly take the last two bites without. Sad. It wasn’t all that bad though since the patty is really something, I’m not really sure how to put it into words though, it was just like better than the Carl’s Jr. patty? Like it felt obvious that higher quality meat was being used or something.

I think that kinda goes for everything at Smashburger when compared to Carl’s Jr. the lettuce/tomato tasted less processed and less like they had been engineered to last forever via preservatives. None of this surprises me though since Smashburger is around twice as expensive as Carl’s Jr. If it didn’t taste all around better I would’ve felt pretty ripped off! As it stands though Smashburger is clearly superior and a better spend of your money.

I think I’ve settled on the format for this little experiment with that. Smashburger reins supreme for this week, and next time I get a burger I’ll directly compare it with Smashburger and see which one comes out on top, and it’ll continue in this king of the hill like format until I’ve decided upon a final winner. (What you thought I planned any of this out beforehand? I eat a lot of burgers, figured I might as well write about it.)

That’s about all I have for the actual burger, but I have a couple of other notes about smashburger that don’t really relate to the actual burger I ate there. First any place that offers me stuff like lemon wedges for my fountain drinks goes a notch up in my books. Love that ish. Also shoestring fries? Yes please sigh me up for more of that stuff. They’re the best, no debate necessary.

Current Leader: Smashburger’s Classic Smash

D E D B U R G E R S : Carl’s Jr. Califronia Burger

Make good choices and see you all next time.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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