Ayo it’s Father’s Day.

Since I made a write-up for Mother’s day it would be pretty unfair of me to not say do the same for Father’s day right? The trick of it all will be actually writing something catchy enough that he’ll actually read it. Not that he typically ignores me, just between his three grand-daughters it can be difficult to move his attention to anything else. Golfing stuff usually works.

You know what one of the things my dad taught me that I don’t think I bring up nearly enough? Problem solving. I remember countless weekends growing up spent not frolicking about doing whatever, but fixing stuff around the house with my dad. Was I psyched about it at the time? Absolutely not, no 12 year old wants to be fixing leaky pipes on his Saturday. Does the 24 year old version of me now appreciate the knowledge he gained doing all those handy-man tasks growing up. More than I can say, since that knowledge and the attitude of “let’s see what I can do about this” provided continues to increase in value over time. I’ve been a well liked employee of pretty much every place I’ve ever worked and a big part of that is that I don’t have to get the manager or someone higher up to come fix every problem I run into, I run into those problems just as much as any other person, but I have be instilled with the idea most problems are solvable if you just work through and use your brain.

I’ve also learned to embrace my oddities and be able to take a joke from him. If you don’t know my dad, he’s an incredibly smart doctor that plays golf at every available opportunity, enjoys romantic movies more than just about anyone I know, reads enormous books on history like they’re comics, will argue with anyone about just about anything (especially if it’s related to sports), drives like he’s in a formula one race, and takes every joke his kids throw at him about his quirks in stride. (Although he’s bit touchy about his age, mostly because we/I’ve beat that one into the ground.) Sometimes he even manages to get a few quality comebacks in, and given the level of lip we all give him the number he manages to come up with is pretty impressive actually. He also never denies it. He’s not really embarrassed about who he is, and maybe that does come with ahem… maturity, but I still admire it a lot.

Now I very briefly mentioned my dad’s fondness for debating sports, its not just because he loves to debate. That does come from a very legitimate and passionate love for competing and sport. Even though I barely watch sports anymore because of my dad I am and always will be a fan of the Seahawks, Canucks, Juventus, Phil Mickelson, and literally anyone playing against the Oilers for life. (Come at me Edmontonians, one decent playoff run doesn’t excuse being the laughing stock of the NHL for like 5+ years.)

Also I’d be regretful if I didn’t bring up music. My dad played a big part in the diverse taste in music I have today. No he certainly didn’t introduce me to Hip-Hop, but it’d be cool if he did because uh… could you imagine my dad bopping his head to some Kanye orJayu-Z? Funniest thing that could ever happen period.


Just look at this picture, imagine this guy bopping to something like this. (Warning NSFW lyrics.) But my dad does listen to bands like Metallica, The Eagles, Elton John, Toto, The Killers, and even My Chemical Romance (He bought The Black Parade like the 1st week it was out. Really.) The simple logic behind it all, does he like what he’s hearing? Well then it’s all good.

My dad also taught me to do what you truly find rewarding. I’ve had a number of conversations come up where my dad has told me about being pretty burnt out of practicing medicine, but because he loved helping people and he felt the work was intrinsically rewarding he’s been able to keep at it for all these years. I hope that thirty years from now I’ll be able to tell him how rewarding writing has been in my life, how even at times where I thought I couldn’t keep going through with it, because I knew that this is what I love I was able to keep going.

I really shouldn’t keep rambling about my dad’s career as a doctor, because it’s definitely only his second love. My dad loves his family more than anything else in this world and I want him to know that I feel that love every time I talk to him, even if it’s the eleven millionth time he’s told me to just go get married already. I know he pesters me about it because his marriage and his children have been the most rewarding aspects of his life by a thousand miles. So with that I want to wish my dad a very happy Father’s day. I hope you like whatever golf club you picked out for mom to get you and that you have a great day.

Oh shoot this is way too long, he’ll never get to the end. RIP.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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