Best Burger In Provo: Parts 5,6, and 7.

I’m like so far behind on these. Just the write-ups though, I’ve never in my life fallen behind on burger consumption. In fact I’m probably around 200 years ahead of schedule on that front. But as the famed StarCraft commentator Artosis once said, “The best thing to do when ahead is get more ahead.”

That being said I’m gonna be talking about burgers from Cubby’s, In-N-Out, and JCW’s.

First I’ll addresss what feels like the elephant in the room to me. In-N-Out is not a very impressive burger. I said it. It’s very solid, good price and tasty, but it just doesn’t wow me like it wows so many other people. It’s kinda like the Marvel movie of the burger world to me. I’m never gonna be upset with an In-N-Out burger, but there are always gonna be better burgers out there, ya feel me.

“Did you eat off the secret menu?” You might ask.

“dID yoU EaT oFF The SecReT MenU?” is my response.

There really isn’t much else to say about In-N-Out, I had a Double-Double and honestly it was just an ordinary burger.

Come. At. Me.

I’ll give In-N-Out this at least, the burger was pretty messy which I love.

Moving on to JCW’s, whilst there I got the Pastrami Burger because the pastrami burger from Burger Supreme was amazing, this should be as well. Well it wasn’t all that great and it feels weird for me to say this, but the problem was that there was just too much meat on that burger. Too much pastrami really, so much so that I barely even noticed or tasted the patty, which is kind of a major component of a burger ya know? They also made the classic error of stacking tomato slices on top of each other. I know how petty and dumb this is to complain about but can’t a man just get an even spread of tomatoes throughout his burger? Jeez.

Pastrami was pretty darn tasty though.

Lastly Cubby’s. This again feels a bit odd for me because before this particular visit I had been pretty unimpressed with the service received there. I gotta give it to them though they stepped their game way up, and when I went to get my burger for this post I was pleasantly surprised by the courtesy offered to me by their staff. Kudos

Customer service isn’t what I’m here to talk about though. We’re here for the burgers, and boy did I really really like Cubby’s Gypsy burger. The big thing to notice with this burger is the use of top sirloin patties instead of the ground beef found most other places though. Maybe that’s just me buying into the marketing though.

What certainly wasn’t included in the marketing is what a outrageous mess this burger was. I loved every moment of watching the juices drip off the burger onto the napkin and the desperate battle to hold the burger together while eating it. Also the bun was fan-tas-tic. Good stuff Cubby’s.

Now writing about all three of these burgers in one go kinda makes the old head to head thing fall apart. So I’m gonna get lazy and just include a power ranking of all the burgers so far.

  1. Cubby’s Gypsy Burger
  2. Burger Supreme’s Golden Burger
  3. Five Guys Double Bacon Burger
  4. Classic Smash from Smashburger
  5. Double-Double from In-N-Out
  6. Pastrami Burger JCW’s
  7. California Classic from Carl’s Junior

That’s all of them right? All the ones worth mentioning so far anyways. Ok good to get caught back up on this. Next time I think I’m gonna take a chance with another classic American establishment. Then we’ll find a bunch of local places. Thanks for reading, have a great day, make good choices, peace out!

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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