Throwback Thursday

I wanted to write today about some of the music that I’ve been listening to as it is the social media custom to talk about throwbacks on Thursday. I had two choices for groups to talk about. First was Foreigner, I have no idea why in the past week or so I’ve felt the impulse to listen to so much Foreigner, but they’re a great freaking band so it’s all good.

That isn’t the group I’m gonna talk about though. (sorry dad) Instead I want to talk about Crystal Castles. If I were to sum up what it’s like to listen to Crystal Castles  in a single phrase it would be that it’s just so different from any popular music.

Also if you didn’t know just for information purposes Crystal Castles are a Canadian duo that started in 2006. The two musicians involved are Ethan Kath and Edith Frances. I also have to shout-out Lysa Hubbard (congrats on your kid) for first introducing me to them several years ago.

The big thing I noticed today while listening to them was that Crystal Castles is a group that is solely meant to be listened to. Now since were talking about music I know most of you just thought, “well duh” but let me explain this. If you listen to top 40 music you’re never supposed to just sit there and listen right? In fact I think a number of executives in charge of the artists that make up top 40 hits would probably prefer it if you never listened that closely. It’s all designed to make you want to dance or sing along with it.

My personal favorite genre of music, rap, definitely has a component to it that demands that you listen, but when you are listening to rap, at least for me, it’s primarily to pay attention to the lyrics. Another thing there are still rap songs that are pretty much purely made so that people can bop their heads to it while driving along. Also side note, what on earth is Future saying half the time? I don’t get what makes him so popular. Other than just riding the hype of Mask Off, which is a pretty cool song. Another side note The Story of O.J. is some noise that I dig, I can’t judge the rest of 4:44 yet since I ain’t about that Tidal life. Enough about rap.

Crytsal Castles, to me is simply about the experience of listening to the music presented to you in terms of just it’s raw sound. You’re meant to soak it all in and think about how the sound makes you feel. For me it’s often a feeling of disjointedness that makes me just slightly uncomfortable. It’s a good kind of uncomfortable though, like stretching muscles you don’t normally stretch. At first it’s pretty miserable, but later it makes the whole rest of your body feel better. That’s kinda how I view my listening experience with Crystal Castles, the oddities and overall refusal to be ordinary music make me rethink and stretch my mind about how I listen to other music which enriches my experience as a whole. It just puts you in a different head space and I think that’s really bloody cool.


So hear is one of their songs, I could call this a good beginner song for people. Not overly weird and still quite good. Not my personal favorite though. That would be Affection. Or maybe Baptism. They’re both good. Thanks for reading, have a great evening and make good choices folks! (In case you were wondering listening to Crystal Castles is a good choice.) Peace out!

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