Best Burger in Provo: Part 8

So originally I had planned on talking about McDonald’s for this post, but… uh…. I had an absolutely amazing burger just yesterday that I feel compelled to talk about.

That burger came from Tommy’s Burgers at 401 W and 100 N. In Provo. Obviously.

What I had was a double cheeseburger done “Texas” style including bacon, pickles, tomato and mayo. Oh also it was a chili burger, so there was chili on top. Ya know what, I actually took a decent picture of this so I’ll just let you look at it’s majesty.


Would ya just look at that? Simple, beautiful, perfection. Presented pretty much exactly the way I would want a burger presented to me. “Here’s a thing of fries, I wrapped your burger up, go nuts my dude.”

If you can’t tell yet, I REALLY liked this burger. It sounds silly to say now, but the first bite I took of this thing I could already tell that I was dealing with another level of burger. Like I just knew this wasn’t gonna be a regular burger for me and it really wasn’t.

Before I gush more about how delicious this thing was, I do want to note something I thought was interesting. The pickles and tomato slice? Ya see how they’re below the patty on this? I don’t see that with the majority of burgers I eat, and I gotta say I think it’s a better way to do things. Why are we putting the condiments on top? Is it just because that’s the way we’ve always done things? I know that anytime I make burgers in the future I’ll be throwing them down below.

Back to gushing. How did I not know that chili was exactly what I wanted on a burger until just now? It totally makes sense, it gets extra tomato flavor in there so you can forgo ketchup, allows one to enjoy the onion flavor without having to really deal with the dumb things, and oh yeah makes a burger wicked messy, something that I appreciate quite a bit. The beef was also really good, as well as the bacon, which wasn’t crunchy but also not soft enough that the whole strip came out when you took a bite of it. Finally the single slice of cheese is a really nice touch. I heard on Binging with Babish’s video on the Krabby Patty (check this guy out his channel is awesome.) about how a single slice of cheese is the way to go on a burger and I have to agree. It gives you the cheesy texture and taste without taking away from the rest of the burger. Smart stuff.

Here I’d normally say something to tone back my praise and let you know that the burger wasn’t perfect. I don’t really have anything though. Part of me is tempted to just call it here and name Tommy’s Burgers the best burger in Provo. That wouldn’t be very fair through since I only learned about this place yesterday and there are probably a bunch of joints like this that I just haven’t heard about yet. For now though I can certainly say that this double-chili-cheeseburger is a tier above everything else I’ve had and will be a front runner until further notice. I gotta find more places like this. Have a great day folks, peace out and make some good choices!

PS. If you find yourself in Provo and want to check this place out, yes it’s that tiny shack on the corner with barely enough room for a grill in it.

Current power rankings of burgers:

  1. Tommy’s Burgers Double Cheeseburger w/ Chili.
  2. Cubby’s Gypsy Burger
  3. Burger Supreme’s Golden Burger
  4. Five Guys Double Bacon Burger
  5. Classic Smash from Smashburger
  6. Double-Double from In-N-Out
  7. Pastrami Burger from JCW’s
  8. California Classic from Carl’s Junior

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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