Movie Time with JonnyT: Lion

So just this past week the film Lion (directed by Garth Davis) went up on US Netflix. It was one of those movies that I had always meant to get around to seeing, I heard so much good stuff about it, but I never seemed to be able to find the time to actually sit down and watch it. With it’s arrival on Netflix though I really didn’t have a reason to not see it.

I cannot stress this enough.





Lion is an emotional roller coaster of pain, suffering, loneliness, fear and dread that somehow also manages to absolve the viewer of all of these feelings at the same time.

For those unaware, Lion is the story of Saroo, a young child (age 5) in India who due to unfortunate circumstances becomes separated from his family. Unknowingly thousands of miles from home Saroo goes through terrible events and eventually is adopted by a family in Australia. twenty some odd years later Saroo finds himself being inexplicably  drawn back towards India and attempts to reunite with his lost biological family. That is the absolute bare bones summary, and I cannot do this story justice unless I go for a 5000+ word write-up. Just see it.

That’s really all I have to say. Just watch this movie. It’s one of those films that you can use a measurement to find out if someone you know is a sociopath, because if this movie doesn’t make you choke up at least once there are some wires that just aren’t connecting up your noggin. For those curious I was nice and choked up at least three different times throughout the film. Just so you know. Definitely not a sociopath.

Ok so it’s a movie so I have to mention a couple of things because I just can’t not say things.

Performance wise everyone hear kills it. both Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar, playing Saroo as an adult and child respectively are just incredible, but it would also feel very unfair to not mention Nicole Kidman’s performance as Sue Brierley, Saroo’s adopted mother. Also there’s this bit in the middle where Google Earth is used intensely and I get that some people might feel like it sorta pulls away because we’re almost trained to be aware of any real products we see in films and be critical of their inclusion, but I really didn’t’ think it detracted much at all.

Ok I’m done. Watch this movie, have a good cry, I promise you’ll be better for it. Make some good choices and peace out!



Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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