Recently I’ve felt like I’ve lost my voice, at least with writing. I can still ramble for hours and hours in conversation about who even knows anymore, but when I put the pen to paper nothing quite feels right. Actually right really isn’t a good word for that, it’s more like nothing quite feels entirely like myself. I feel like I’m holding back in my writing.

Personally I’d really like to stop doing that. So in the future I may write things that you read as an insult, it’s not. I may write things that are absurd and outlandish, they probably are. I may call something or someone you like mediocre, I really think they are. I don’t think anyone is stupid or silly because they like a certain thing though. I’ve said for a while now that I think everyone has the right to like a few stupid things and have some stupid ideas. Here are some of mine:

  • I like KFC more than Chic-Fil-A. If you’re gonna eat fried chicken just go all the way with the grease.
  • I love to watch golf. Thanks Dad.
  • Adam Sandler could be one of the top dramatic actors in Hollywood if he just tried.
  • I still listen to 50 Cent occasionally. Those beats are sick.
  • In-N-Out is nowhere near the best burger you can get. It is the best burger you can get for under 4 bucks though.
  • 7-UP is better than Sprite.
  • I still kinda enjoy the Transformers movies even though I bash on them all the time.
  • Redheads are more attractive than all other human beings. @ me. It’s science.
  • I hate wearing sweats in public more than just about anything. It’s lazy and unprofessional.
  • Athletic shorts are fine though.
  • Texting people is ridiculous, if it isn’t an emergency or arranging a time to meet just tell me next time you see me.
  • Batman Begins is just as good as The Dark Knight.
  • I’m not sure Utah is white enough.

Ok that last one is a joke, the only way Utah could get whiter is if you bleached the whole Salt Lake Valley.

The rest of them are actual things I think and yeah, I realize that most if not all of them are ridiculous. That’s the point. So the next time I say something and you think, “how could he say something like that?” just remember that I say a lot of weird things. Don’t take it personally.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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