Earlier in the week, I talked about my love of going to the movies. I want to in some sense spread that love around and I realized that a lot of the time when I write about movies I’m not really doing that. Typically this is either because the movie I’m talking about is smaller and often “weirder” movie that most people aren’t going to go see even if I called it the greatest movie of all time or I’m bashing movies I think are bad. Neither one of these things encourages anyone to leave their homes to go see a movie, and I want to encourage people to do that.

What am I do though? It’s not like I’m going to lie and call bad movies good just to try and convince people to give it money, and I’m certainly not just going to stop talking about movies I find really interesting and enjoyable because I don’t think it has wide appeal.

Why don’t I just talk about all the movies? Well not all of them, but I see way more movies than the average person and it wouldn’t be a stretch in the slightest for me to try talking about more than one movie at a time. I mean with the help of my MoviePass I’m out to the movies 2 or 3 times a week, I go to more movies in a month than most go to in a year. It would just be a waste for me to only pick one movie every once and a while to talk about. I’ve spent the time and some companies money and I want to shout my opinion about all the things I see. Ok, I won’t shout, but I really would like to at some point hit the point where I talk about just about every movie I see and be able to in my best judgment pick at least one out that I think people will enjoy. That’s kinda the point of reviewing right? To help inform other people about what they might like?

So here’s my thinking on this. 1 post during the week, (I’m thinking Tuesday, it’s cheap night at most theatres which means for most that are the one night they go. Plus that gives me the whole weekend to go see everything so I can be informed.) I can do my own little round-up of movies I saw and pass on some form of recommendation. That way I can still bash bad movies, talk about small movies no one cares about and still commit to my personal goal of encouraging others to go to the movies. I’m not asking for your thoughts on this though, more or less just telling you that’s what I plan on doing.

PS as a teaser for what this might be like, I saw Pacific Rim: Uprising last night and you know what? Yes it’s hilariously dumb, the story makes no sense whatsoever and I’m not sure what anyone not named John Boyega is doing but I had fun with it. Later

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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