Movie Roundup

Alright, I said I was going to do a movie roundup for today so here we go.


This was a pretty good movie, and I came into it with almost no expectations. This movie was marketed as a psychological thriller where you wouldn’t be able to tell if the lead character played by Claire Foy (Yes The Crowns Claire Foy) was crazy or not. However, the movie pretty much abandoned that idea from the get-go as it’s pretty obvious what’s happening is real and not in her head. This will frustrate a lot of audience members but I still think that it’s an interesting movie about the mental, physical and emotional distress of being a victim of stalking. I will also say it 100% doesn’t work if Claire Foy isn’t pushing the movie forward with her excellent performance. I give it a B+ and I should probably start watching The Crown.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Not much needs to be said about the sequel to Pacific Rim. Is it better than the original? I would say no. Uprising surely has more elaborate action and there were a few moments where I was genuinely in awe of what I was seeing, almost everything else about this movie leaves something to be desired. The story somehow makes less sense than the first one did and the performances were middling to mediocre, except John Boyega who is solid throughout. Also, I don’t know what on earth was going on with Charlie Day’s character, it felt like he was doing an extended bit from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia rather than whatever he was supposed to be doing. Still, the action is just a joy to watch and I squealed like a little boy during the fights so I’m gonna stick Uprising with a B-.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a middle of the road, solid but not great action adventure film and for a video game movie that pretty much makes it the best in its genre. The story makes just enough sense that you don’t get distracted and removed from the movie thinking about the plot holes, although wasting the whole first half on an origin story for Lara Croft was a pretty big misstep. You could’ve just started in the thick of it and used a couple of flashbacks to inform us about who Lara is as a character. Speaking of Lara, Alicia Vikander fits into the role like a glove. Who would’ve thought that casting an Oscar-winning actress and getting her to really commit to the role would work out? (I’m looking at you Warcraft, wtf was going on there?) Also, the ridiculous shape that she’s in goes a long way in convincing me that the stunts her characters pulls are actually feasible. If you’re looking for action this is the movie I’d recommend right now. B.

Love, Simon

Ya know, I gotta say that this movie turned out way better than I thought it would. On the outside Love, Simon looked like an impressively mediocre teen comedy/coming of age film that used a closeted main character as a gimmick to put butts in seats. In reality, this is an incredibly thoughtful movie about family, self-acceptance, friendship, and ya know love. The humor is really good in this movie, although there are a couple of jokes that are not going to age well, for a teen comedy only having some of the jokes age poorly is a pretty solid win in my mind. I’m gonna reach a little outside the box to say that for me the real stand out performances came from Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel as Simon’s parents. They really just took over every scene they were in. Love, Simon is a top tier coming of age film and I would 100% recommend to anyone. A.

Aight that should do it for this week. Later.

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I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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