Small Things

I don’t have one large idea to wrap this week up with, but rather some small things.

Yesterday when I was at the gym (am I lowkey bragging about that? Yes) there was this kid that came in, and I say, kid because he looked like he was 12. Anyways this kid comes into the gym, he’s got a long-sleeve white shirt with a t-shirt on overtop and jeans. Yes, jeans. He came in did like 8 push-ups and then stared at his phone for 15 minutes. I was done and left at that point, so maybe he turned it up after that and had a great workout, and I hope he did. Maybe he could consider smarter attire for the gym next time though. I don’t know.

I also got new shoes this week, my old vans are starting to fall apart so I opted for Converse shoes this time around.

Shoes Laces.png

Not bad eh? I really like them, and it helps that I got them for 38 bucks, but I’m at a loss with the laces, the ones on the left are what the shoes came with and the picture on the right is with laces I had lying around. What do you all think? Left or right? Do I need to go out and find other laces? I think getting cream colored laces that match most of the shoe might look good. Am I just thinking about this way too much? Possibly.

Also a small movie thing. I was talking to this girl about movies earlier in the week,(lowkey bragging ho!) and she brought up The Greatest Showman. Now I don’t care for that movie and that’s well known and also not what I’m trying to talk about. I told her that I didn’t care for the movie and instead of asking why she asked instead what I thought of La La Land. Slightly confused I told her I really liked and then she goes, “Yeah that sounds about right, people only like one or the other.”

Is that a thing? Is there really that sharp of a divide between these two movies? I wasn’t aware. My understanding especially here at BYU was that people generally loved both of those movies. Maybe I’m just really out of touch and folks actually really disliked La La Land. I’m gonna be thinking about this one for a bit.

Aight that’s all I got for today. Later.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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