The Most Insane Press Conference.

Alright, another week and another round-up of movies I saw over the week…

Oh who am I kidding, not one single person is interested in a movie round-up this week. Infinity War looms on the horizon and that is all anyone cares about. Have you heard about Disobedience? It’s a movie starring Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz. It’s about two secret lesbian lovers in the Jewish Orthodox community in New York. Not one peep about that, you’d think at least a few outlets would be mentioning something like this. Nope, and you know why? It releases April 27th, the same day as Infinity War, its doomed to be utterly buried this weekend so why talk about that when there are 100 billion trillion stars of the new Avengers movie to interview?

Did you see the press conference they had for the movie the other day? It was bananas. They’ve got all the major actors, the Russo brothers who directed Infinity War, and Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.  So like 30ish people up there is already nutty for a press conference. Then Jeff Goldblum is there as well just to moderate this thing. How big does a franchise have to be to get Jeff Freaking Goldblum to MODERATE A PRESS CONFERENCE for you? I’m genuinely asking, cause it’s somewhere between Marvel and Harry Potter.  The insanity didn’t even stop there, they also had one of those bingo things with the balls inside it.

One of these things!

Why is that there? Well as Mr. Goldblum explains, he’s going to pick a ball out from the thing and on it, it has either the name of an actor/actress or a category like “from Wakanda” or “Wears a cape”. If an actor/actress’s name comes up then the crowd gets to ask that person a question, if it’s a category than someone gets to pick actors whose character fits into the said category. There are so many people in these movies that they have to use bingo to determine who gets asked questions and how many. It’s just pure insanity to me.  I mean I did watch the whole thing, I mean of course I did, I was so taken by the premise of it I had to see how it all unfolded. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed because most of the questions were just bad attempts to bait actors into giving up plot details.

I’ll link the whole thing here if you’re interested in watching this absurdity yourself.

It’s pretty obvious by now that I’m excited about this movie. It’s the culmination of ten years and 18 movies, it’s a big event no matter how you slice it. Even if I wasn’t nerding out about all the superhero stuff I’d be nerding out about the absurd scale of this whole thing. It’s going to be an event and I can’t wait to take part in it.

I’m not going to see it opening weekend. I’m traveling up to Canada to see family later this week and even with how excited I am to see this movie the idea of having to actually pay full price has me hesitating. Curse MoviePass for not working in Canada! Why have you conditioned me to not spending money to see movies? Now I must wait to see this movie and the whole time I’ll be worried about spoilers.

Although maybe I shouldn’t worry about spoilers though. Maybe it could be an interesting experiment to go into a new Marvel movie having already been thoroughly spoiled by the events of it. It would allow me to focus a lot more attention on whether or not Infinity War is actually all that good or are people just losing their minds about how X died, or that they couldn’t believe Y lived, and Z hooked up with X before they died, etc. It might be interesting to see if it can hold up post-spoiler. Then again my instincts tell me that it’s a bad idea and I’m just asking to have my experience downgraded for no good reason. I wouldn’t have to worry every time I use Twitter/Snapchat/Reddit/Facebook/YouTube/The Whole Internet that I’m about to have the movie spoiled for me though. That sounds kinda nice. Idk, I’ll make my mind up about purposing spoiling the movie for myself while I’m driving for 12 hours tomorrow.  Should be lots of time to think this one through…


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