Screaming the Anime aka Attack on Titan Season 2

I’m a big fan of binging through shows, it’s why I don’t really like watching shows during their season. I hate the waiting week by week to get another fraction of the story I’m being told. Maybe that’s just because I’m spoiled by all the movies I watch that have a beginning, middle and an end all in a single sitting. (Except you Sicario 2, you’re ending was lame and I’ll get around to writing why at some point) I just really don’t like to be left hanging so whenever possible I binge through series or at the very least seasons of television so that I’m not caught in this most unfortunate predicament.

This leads me to Attack on Titan season 2. Over the weekend I binged my way through the dubbed version, (yes I watched dubbed versions, look down on me all you want anime snobs, but I don’t watch shows because I want to read so stuff it) and I have something to say. Also no spoilerino cause I ain’t about that life.

Holy crap this season was a giant turd wasn’t it? Like I love this show and I’m emotionally invested enough that I’m going to see it through to it’s ending but what on earth was going on here? Why is everyone screaming nonsense so much? I don’t remember this being such a common thing. Like in the first season Eren did a lot of screaming, but the whole “I’m always a raging ball of anger” is basically his character so it’s fine. Everyone else though? Sheesh, can they use their inside voices like I don’t know, at all?

Also what was up with the pacing? It felt like narratively the whole show was stuck in neutral until like episode 8 and then it was on full tilt until the end. I actually almost stopped at episode 6 because I legitimately thought nothing was going to happen at all, especially since they spend whole episodes on side characters and then never come back to them or how their story plays into the bigger overall story of AoT. Don’t they know that things are supposed to lead into other things and a series isn’t just a bunch of detached stories? Speaking of things, they really casually dropped the big twist of the season didn’t they? (If you think me saying AoT has twists is a spoiler you’ve never seen the show)  It’s just, “by the way let me drop the biggest bomb yet without any warning whatsoever.” For a show that revels in stretching dramatic moments to their limits that really caught me off guard in the worst way.

It wasn’t all bad though, the animation itself still looked crazy dope and also terribly creepy when it wanted to be and when they finally get around to extended fights with titans it’s just so so so so awesome. Also while I’m mostly still very confused about many aspects of the story, I have to say the lore of AoT is just fascinating to me. Like I would be 100% ok if in season 3 they had a few episodes where they just have a character (speaking at a moderate volume level)  deliver pure exposition to just explain some of the histories of this world, but I also think that if the audience actually had that information it would take a lot of the drama out of things so it’s probably just a pipe dream.  If they could though, I just want to let them know the enormous dork over here would be extremely grateful to them for that.

Overall season 2 of AoT was pretty darn disapointing for me. Very few questions I had at the end of season 1 were answered much less addressed, a lot of time was wasted on side characters that no offence I don’t give a flying care in the world about. (sorry if you like Connie, but that ish was B O R I N G)

Aight I’m done, until season 3 comes out, which by the timeline this show has operated on should be sometime around 2023 or so. Now I’m sad… must find something else to binge…


Yes… this will do nicely. Later

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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