Multiverse Implications of the New Mulan Movie?

Yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about Mulan. Not the classic animated film from 1992, but rather the upcoming live-action remake due out in 2020. (That’s about the only thing I’m looking forward to in 2020) I’m not all that concerned about whether it’s going to be good or not, frankly I can sum up how I feel about nearly all the new Disney remakes with an emphatic “meh”, and I just don’t see that trend reversing itself anytime soon.

I’m much more interested in the fact that out of all the new Disney remakes, Mulan looks to be the first that is really different from its original. (I know Maleficent was different but it didn’t fundamentally change the story of Sleeping Beauty, rather it gave a new and fresh perspective on the story.) If the rumors are true, the 2020 version of Mulan is changing the main villain from Shan Yu the Hun warlord to a witch named who is yet to be named. The character of Shang isn’t going to be in this new version and there are even talks that the music will be dramatically cut back, if included in the film at all. The idea of not getting an updated version of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is bothersome, but far from my biggest concern.

The real concern in my mind is what happens to the original Mulan once this comes out? Does this new Mulan usurp the animated version as the defacto Disney princess? Are there two different Mulans that are both Disney princesses? Does the live-action version only replace the animated if it’s successful? If there are two separate Mulan’s that exist does that open up multiverse theories for the rest of the Disney filmography? Does this finally open up the possibility of a cross-over movie with all the Disney princesses ala The Avengers? Who’d be the villain? I’d pay to see a movie where Shan Yu teams up with Gaston and Jafar. Would the cross-over movie be like Justice League where everyone kind of does nothing until Elsa shows up and saves the day because she’s obviously the most powerful? Elsa is the most powerful isn’t she? I mean what powers do the rest of them have? Rapunzel had magic hair, but it’s gone, Mulan’s just a skilled soldier, Merida from Brave is basically the Hawkeye for the group, Pocahontas can talk to animals and stuff I guess, Ariel can be the Aquaman of the crew, I guess Belle is smart so she can like make things. Man if they did this cross over thing I really hope the recast Belle, Emma Watson just didn’t work…

Have I gone too far down the rabbit hole?

Now if you’re thinking to yourself right now something about how this grown man needs to think signifigantly less about Disney Princesses you’re not wrong, but come on, give me a break! Who wouldn’t be interested in a huge cross over movie like this? Disney executives would love it, it’d make 100 billion dollars just from toy sales alone. I just wanna point out that if Disney ever does this, I thought of it before them. Later.


Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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