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With me saying goodbye to my MoviePass I thought it would be worthwhile to look back and see just how much value I really got out of it, and I certainly extracted a lot of value. I had MoviePass for 8 months, meaning I paid about 80 dollars into it. I saw exactly 50 unique films with it, averaging $1.60 per film. Pretty good stuff if you ask me.

But watching a lot of movies is one thing. Did I actually watch more good movies because of MoviePass? To figure that out I went through each of the 50 movies I saw and compared my expectations with the reality of each film. I split these movies into 4 categories and over the rest of the week, I’ll give you my thoughts on each category and where each movie fits into that.

I’m gonna start at the with the very best. The top shelf of movies I saw in the last 8 months. Let’s get into it.

The Top Shelf: These are the absolute best movies I saw with a MoviePass. There are 13 of them, which constitutes just over 25% of all films I saw with a MoviePass

Phantom Thread

Expectations: Daniel-Day Lewis will give an exceptional performance.

Reality: Daniel-Day Lewis and Vicky Krieps give exceptional performances in the most interesting love story I’ve seen in years.

Lady Bird

Expectations: A quirky coming of age film.

Reality: One of the most relatable movies I’ve ever seen that conveys the many struggles of reaching adulthood and trying to figure out who you are in a way that Hollywood just cannot seem to understand. Also a criminally underrated soundtrack.


Expectations: A competent teen drama focused on the petty revenge of the super-rich.

Reality: A super bizarre, but clever and heartfelt look at the nature of friendships and moral relativity.

Love, Simon

Expectations: Teen romance movie, but with a gay kid.

Reality: pretty much that, but super well-executed version.

The Death of Stalin

Expectations: An absurd historical parody with no sense of accuracy or reverence.

Reality: Exactly that.


Expectations: A sub-par raunchy comedy.

Reality: An astoundingly funny raunchy comedy that manages to turn a few of teen sex comedy cliches on their heads without getting preachy.

A Quiet Place

Expectations: I’ve never really enjoyed horror, so I didn’t have high hopes for this going in.

Reality: F$%#%#$ terrifying.

Isle of Dogs

Expectations: A Wes Anderson film.

Reality: A Wes Anderson film with really well done stop motion animation.

(For those out of the loop on the majesty of Wes Anderson, these sketches can fill you in.)

Avengers: Infinity War

Expectations: Something along the lines of Age of Ultron, but a bit better.

Reality: A masterclass on managing time and the best Marvel villain to date.


Expectations: A very run of the mill revenge movie with some neat camera movements.

Reality: A story signifigantly more interesting than it had any right to be, a mind blowing performance from Logan Marshall-Green and also yeah, some really neat camera movements.

First Reformed

Expectations: Ethan Hawke is a really good actor.

Reality: Ethan Hake is a REALLY good actor.

Incredibles 2

Expectations: It’s Pixar so something awesome.

Reality: Something pretty awesome that also makes it’s original look really dated in terms of animation.

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

Expectations: An absurdly silly yet joyous musical with awkward Pierce Brosnan singing.

Reality: The most fun movie of the summer that doubles down on the silliness and the infectiousness fun of its original. Not enough awkward Pierce Brosnan singing though.

Aight so those were the best of the best, next up are the good but not great movies as I work my way to the bottom. Later


Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

2 thoughts on “Top Shelf”

  1. I’m keeping my MoviePass for an extra month or so as payment for how much I’ve taken advantage of their system over the last 10 months.


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