Hoo Boy

Thus far as I’ve looked back on my time with MoviePass I’ve focused on movies that I liked. Now we’re heading into less pleasing territory. What I call the “Hoo boys”. I call them this because these movies are just good enough that some people like Love them, but they’re generally pretty bad movies, at least to me. So when people mention to me that they loved something like Life of the Party or Equalizer II and it’s like just their favourite movie ever. I have the mentally go “hoo boy” before moving forward with the conversation. Because if I’m not careful they’re going to think I’m some pretentious movie snob, which like I kind of am but it’s not something I’m trying to advertise to people.

The defining trait of Hoo Boy movies that they’re reasonably enjoyable while you’re in the theatre, but pretty much as soon as you walk out you begin to realize that there were some serious problems if you remember anything about it at all. Examples of movies that seem fine in the moment but fall apart very quickly would be like Rampage, Tomb Raider, Uncle Drewand Overboard. When I say they fall apart I mean that their plots are filled with more holes than swiss cheese, character motivations don’t stand up to any sort of inquiry or everything was so thoroughly average it convinces you for the briefest of moments it’s actually decent, and then the credits roll and reality sets back in. Hoo boy

The more forgettable ones would be The Post, Darkest Hour, Chappaquiddick, and I Feel Pretty. The forgettable ones are actually some of the hardest movies to talk about because recalling the movie’s failures and successes are just a real challenge and since I know I generally didn’t like them I’m not particularity motivated to try and remember them.

Among these four films I mentioned, I do want to point something out. 3 of these movies (The Post, Darkest Hour, and Chappaquiddick)  are about real-life stories of some significance, yet their films were so forgettable that I would’ve rather simply read the Wikipedia pages about each event. Also probably worth noting that even though I disliked the films as a whole each of them had performances worthy of some proper recognition.  The Post displayed that even everything feels phoned in and lazy Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are just a pleasure to watch. Darkest Hour really does an Oscar-worthy performance from Gary Oldman and Chappaquiddick is a good case example for why Ed Helms could really develop into a strong dramatic actor in supporting roles.  I bring these up because, after all this time, that’s pretty much the only thing I can remember about them. Maybe they’re actually really good, ehh probably not though.

Alright, that’s for the Hoo Boys next up is the big granddaddy of this thing. The absolute bottom of the barrel, the worst of the worst, the “COME ON” ‘s. (really unsure of the grammar there, but oh well.) Later.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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