New (School) Year, New Me

It’s a new semester for me so I wanted to take a quick moment to look back on my summer in writing to reflect and then perhaps even look a little bit forward to speculate on what I’m hoping to accomplish over the next few months, does that sound good? Not that it even matters if you agree this is just what’s happening. I’m really trying to be polite though.

Ok so if I’m being honest, I actually liked most of the writing I did over the summer, which is kind of surprising because normally I hate everything I write within 2-3 minutes of putting it up. Something about letting the perfectionist part of my brain takes the wheel or something. This summer though I actually did some stuff that I don’t feel like I’ll regret later for how ridiculous it was.

The biggest standout for me was obviously Fiji to Provo…

Ok before I go on I need to say something about that. I hate that title just so so so so so much. Every time I look at that thing I just wish I had named it Suva to Provo. City to City makes so much more sense, and it rolls off the tongue better. Fiji to Provo will forever remain in my mind as the proof that titling essays, posts, articles, etc. are just the absolute worst.

Got that out of my system. Fiji to Provo (REEEEEEE) was a big piece for me. It was the first time I opened up about my mission experience in a public manner, the first time I talked about being depressed, losing my faith, regaining it, just a whole whack of firsts that had been weighing on my mind for so long and suddenly it was out there and there were so much love and support for it… I can’t express how thankful I am for everyone who showed so much love.

Here’s the thing though, once I got that piece out I suddenly felt like I had no idea what the point of this blog was. I had started it way back when with the intent of it being the place I would write this one piece and after I did it was just like, “Well shoot, what am I supposed to do now? It’s done. Does that mean this blog is done as well?” Obviously, that wasn’t the case because I’ve continued to write just a whole swathe of random junk on there, but as I’m sure you noticed there is no clear direction going forward. What is Jonny Talkz? Is it a movie blog? a place for me to put think pieces down? Comedy blog? A stepping stone to true calling as a SoundCloud rapper? A World of Warcraft fan blog? There really isn’t a clear answer and I don’t exactly have an idea for what’s next…

nah I do have an idea for what to do going forward. I wanna write some wack stuff. Not in a way like everything I post is just way too weird or out there for people to enjoy, but get more back to taking some hot takes on stuff so at least a few people look at every post and think


Take for example “I love Jonny” that rap parody I did last week. I know 99% of people who saw that thought to themselves, “Jonny’s been listening to just a bit too much Kanye and he actually thinks he can rap now, wack.” You know what though? Making that thing was the most fun I’ve had with a post in a loooooong time. It was just so silly and fun I couldn’t help but just burst out laughing at the whole idea of it over and over again. It still cracks me up, to be honest. So like that’s the kind of stuff I want to do going forward, not just to make rap videos though, but just do stuff that I think is funny and great while also never taking myself too seriously. I particularity want to apply this idea to doing movie reviews, like I want to just absolutely slam movies I don’t like and shower endless praise on movies I love and I want to do it in a way where you know clearly where I stand with the movie and you feel at least somewhat informed about what to expect if you see it, but like I want it to feel silly as well. I have an idea for this and assuming I find any free time this semester I’ll definitely be doing it, but I already know it’s going to be a timesink so it may be awhile. Outside of that I do want to just write some stuff about like Utah, dating, and other stuff and just really see how far out there I can go before I just lose everyone.

Also esports, HOOO baby do I want to write a lot about esports, but I always hesitate on it because not one soul who regularly reads this understands that world in any way, shape, or form and I feel like I’m throwing something written in a different language at people expecting them to just “get it”. That’s never going to happen, but I’m still going to put those out. Maybe I just won’t share those on my Facebook because they’re really just for me anyways. Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll do that.

This piece has pretty much devolved into me thinking in a text file at this point, hasn’t it? Oh well, like I said this is more of the kind of stuff I want to be doing, very informal not academic thinking at all, never appealing to an objective truth, just giving you my take and take some risks. Later

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Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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