A Beginners Guide to Canadian Artists

Good gravy this took way longer than I thought it would. Honestly, I blame all of you who sent me some 100 bajillion suggestions, how was I supposed to know that they’d all be so good? Before I even had half of them into the playlist it was well over 7 hours of music, which on one hand is really great to know how much quality Canadian music is out there, but if you know any Americans you know that a 7-hour playlist just isn’t going to fly. Unless it’s 7 hours of The Star-Spangled Banner straight, then they’d have to listen to it out of some sense of patriotism, and that would be pretty funny in and of itself, but that’d be the exact opposite of the point. I’m here to shill for Canadian artists dang it!

Anyways, the playlist is here. Because I’m me though, I have to give some thoughts on why I put certain songs in there, left some out and just in general ramble about the whole thing.

Let’s start with the obvious stuff, it’s only 36 songs at just over two hours in runtime. I figured even the most attentionally challenged American can manage that. It’s also kind of split into three sections, it starts off with just pure jams. Sum 41, Alexisonfire, Loverboy, Rush, Billy Talent, Hollerado, Japandroids, and Drake (Yes I know how out of place Drake is there, but honestly I really wanted to include him and he didn’t fit anywhere else on the list so whatever.)

I wanted to start things off with a lot of energy and then dial it down as things go on, which you can see in the second section which I believe the technical term for is, “kinda like chiller jams?”  This section is actually the area where I used almost entirely suggestions from much more music-savvy friends back north.  Big shoutouts to you all for that, although it also likes made me feel bad to look through them and be like, “Oh wow Feist did more songs beyond that 1234 thing, neat!” Although none of you recommended Barenaked Ladies and you should all be ashamed of that!

Shaming aside this brings me to the end of the playlist where I opted to go for a whole bunch of really chill stuff. “Fatal Gift” by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton might be one of my top 10 favourite songs now and it’s not just because Emily Haines is my eternal celebrity crush. (One day baby, one day…) I also really needed this section so that I could include Celine Dion and Rod Stewart because talking about Canadian artists without them just seems wrong. I also decided to put “Love Yourself” by the ole’ Biebs in this section as well. Let’s all be honest with ourselves, Justin Bieber makes pretty good music these days. (I think I can hear 16 years old me crying out in pain from here, yeesh) So let’s just enjoy that and maybe refrain from giving me too much flak/meming too hard about him. Ok? Great.

What else should I mention? Uhh… there’s only one song per artist which was really just a way to prevent me from putting the entirety of Billy Talent I and II on it because I love both of those albums so so so so much. Also, I probably could’ve put the entire discography of City and Colour without thinking about it, and that would’ve been a bit much so I had to settle on using just “The Girl” because it’s like one of my favourite songs of all time and it just makes me so happy. That did make the decision of which one Billy Talent song to include pretty tough for me, but I do think “The Ex” is just a solid example of a really fun jam with just enough emo flair to it. I initially thought about going with “Nothing to Lose” but honestly that song hits a little too close to home for me so I had to pass on it, didn’t want to contrast a song that made me overwhelmingly happy with on that just made me horrifically sad.

Oh! Also if you’re a person who is very aware/sensitive to explicit language you may wish to skip “Old Wounds” by PUP, “Nice for What” by Drake, and “My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo by BA Johnston. Also if you just can’t do screamo at all go ahead and skip, “Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints” by Alexisonfire then consider why you’re so closed off to music just outside the norm.

That is it. I don’t have much else to say about this playlist other than it even though I complained about how long it took me it was really really fun to make it. I think I might start doing another one, but instead of just Canadian artists just like a playlist of the absolute weirdest stuff people can think of. Could be interesting. Later.

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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