I’ve come to a realization in the last week or so. My taste in music is like really weird. I definitely I had some preferences that were a little out there, but I honestly hadn’t realized just how far out there I’ve strayed. It took a full weekend of people asking me, “what is this?” rather than “Wow! WHO is this?!” while listening to music to make me fully realize that things might have gotten out of hand.

How many people do you know that still listen to Linkin Park? Probably a decent number, that ish is dope. How many people do you know also enjoy the musing of one Michael Buble? Definitely less, but I’m sure there’s some overlap right? Now let’s add K-pop into the mix as well. We’re almost certainly down to single digits of people you know with all of these combined tastes. Just to top it all off add a dash of love for hardcore rap just to top off this remarkably weird musical ice cream sundae. Perhaps you’re still unconvinced? Let’s get the sprinkles on there too, just the other day a co-worker of mine suggested I check out some Armenian Reggae, and I was just like, yeah sounds dope!

That’s not what normal people do, normal people hear Armenian Reggae and think, “there’s no way on earth that combo works out, hard pass” Not this guy though.  This guy went head first into it and guess what? That ish is sick af! Ok not actually sick af, but worth a try for sure.

I’ve actually known that my music taste was this weird for a long time, but what my real realization was that my music taste has gotten so weird, that I have completely lost the right to criticize anyone else’s taste in music. How am I supposed to look people in the eyes and say that crap like (insert generic pop artist here) is bad when I’m still unironically listening to Avenged Sevenfold? It’s just not right, is it? So I don’t judge people for their music anymore.

Now that I’m writing this all down I’m realizing that I should probably be extending this out to pretty much all forms of media. Can I really make fun of someone for watching soap operas when I’ve seen every episode of Glee ever made? Not really. Who am I to really say that The Greatest Showman is a snoozefest when I honest to goodness still enjoy the Transformers movies for some sick masochistic reasoning? (I’m telling you, there is something wonderfully horrible about watching Sir Anthony Hopkins flip the camera off like an edgy 14-year-old!) Perhaps I should just let people like the stuff they like and just enjoy the things I like for what they are…

Nah, way more fun to needlessly attack things and be a nitpicky tool about everyone else taste while continuing to hold my own up as the pinnacle of media. /s

I’ll be cooler about it all, Later!

Author: JonnyTalkz

I pretend like I’ve got things figured out when really I’m making it up as I go. Honest to goodness truth.

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