Jonny’s Take is about one thing, and it’s self-explanatory. Here you will find my personal take on a variety of topics including movies, food, comedy, gaming, esports, and whatever else I fancy writing about. I suppose it’s not enough to just have the words I write though, you need the greater context of who I am before you can assess what I have to say. That’s fair and I respect it.

As the name implies I’m Jonny. I grew up in rural Alberta, Canada and now currently live in Provo, Utah. I’m a twenty-five year old straight white male which honestly can seem pretty boring, but it’s not like I can change those things. Well I could change the male thing… it’d be pretty expensive though and frankly it’s not something I’m terribly interested in doing. I’m actually pretty content where I’m at gender/sex wise.

That really doesn’t do much of anything for the “informing of a greater context” does it? Well… we live in a post-truth age anyways it’s not like context actually matters anyways. Why don’t you just take a quick look at what I’ve written and make up some context from that. There is no way that could go wrong. I’m totally sure about that. No chance what so ever.


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