Being Single on Valentine’s Day: Do’s and Do Not’s

It’s that day. The fateful day when millions of couples will celebrate their enduring love for each other. For the rest of us, we might wish it was just Wednesday. Some (including myself in the past) even mock Valentine’s Day because we think it’s a purely corporate holiday meant to exploit people’s love or make it abundantly clear who isn’t in a relationship. This group of people refer to February 14th not as Valentine’s Day, but rather Singles Awareness Day.

Guess what? We’re all being a bunch of Debbie friggen downers when we do that. Think about it, Singles Awareness Day? The acronym for that is literally SAD. That might be a sign that you want to rethink your approach to a holiday.

So I’ve got a few pointers for the single folk out there for how to improve your day, as well as a few pitfalls a lot of people fall into. Shall we?

DO NOT go to the supermarket and buy either ice cream or frozen pizza. Yes I know both of those things are delicious and they numb you from the pain of being alone, but only for a little while and after that you’re just in a realm of self-loathing for being a living cliché.

DO NOT watch a romantic comedy. Look I love movies like The Vow, or 27 Dresses, (I really do, don’t judge me!) but those movies are not going to make


you feel better. They will remind you how much you wish you had what whatever those characters have.

DO go out. It absolutely does not matter what you do. You can even go get pizza or ice cream, just don’t take any of it home with you. My recommendation? Round up your single friends, and go see a dumb action movie. Couples don’t go to those on Valentine’s Day, empty theaters are the best. This year I’d say check out Maze Runner: The Death Cure, it’s actually pretty good.

DO meet someone. Not like the “I think you might be my soul-mate” kind of meet someone. Just say hi to someone you normally wouldn’t say hi to. Strike up a conversation instead of power-walking back to your car with headphones blaring. You don’t even have to stay in contact with them, just meet someone new today.

Remember, no holiday is intentionally trying to make you feel bad. So make the most of your Valentine’s Day. Or you can be like me and go speed-dating, because that’s 100% guaranteed to be a disaster. Could go well though, maybe next year I’ll be writing about how I met the love of my life speed-dating.

Yeah that’s not gonna happen. A guy can dream though can’t he?