Valar Morghulis

Ok… Game of Thrones. Like just about everyone else on the internet I have a lot of thoughts about how this epic series arrived at it’s conclusion. A lot of thoughts, to help myself organize these thoughts I’m going to write three different posts over the next couple of weeks. Today we’ll just talk about the series finale that aired this past Sunday. Next I’ll address the elephant in the room that is Season 8 as a whole, and then finally reflect on the show in it’s entirety and what made is some of the best television I’ve ever seen, despite a totally botched ending.

In case your reading comprehension is somewhat lacking, there are going to be loads of spoilers in these posts so if you have not seen Game of Thrones but might watch it later don’t spoil it for yourself and just stop reading now. You have been warned.

Seriously, you have been warned

I don’t think the finale was as bad as many people are making it out to be. I actually find myself in a similar boat as I did when How I Met Your Mother finally came to an end, except Game of Thrones was a better overall show with a worse ending. I think I’m fine with the broad strokes of the ending but the journey to get there was such a dumpster fire that I feel like it kind of undermines the whole ending. No payoffs feel justified in the slightest.

So let’s just go point by point as things come up throughout the episode. First off, Jon Snow wanders through King’s Landing stunned by all the destruction until he and Ser Davos come upon Grey Worm and some Unsullied murdering Lannister troops that have already surrendered. It seems really messed up, but Grey Worm and the Unsullied already sacked a city that had surrendered just last episode so is Jon really that shocked by it all? Who cares, he protests the executions and Grey Worm basically threatens to kill Jon if he interferes. There is apparently a large rift between these two characters that feels entirely artificial but again, it’s whatever. Jon leaves in a huff with the intention of speaking with Dany about maybe not committing more war crimes now that the war is over and she won. This didn’t really make much sense to me because part of Jon’s whole character is that he stands up for what is right even if it puts him in a whole lot of trouble, but I guess he’s got other stuff to do so he just takes off looking conflicted and confused.

While all this is happening Tyrion goes looking through the Red Keep to see if Jamie and Cersei escaped. He finds their dead bodies and we get one of the only legitimately good scenes of the whole episode. Even with the dumpster fire he’s presented with, Peter Dinklage manages to give a compelling performance.

Jon gets to the Red Keep, is all ready to give Dany a stern talking to when she appear with this real neat looking shot.

Credit where credit is due, this looks really cool.

I guess Jon got all scared because rather than talk to Dany about the whole “maybe we shouldn’t kill everyone anymore” thing he just stands there while she delivers possibly the stupidest speech in all of Game of Thrones. I’m not trying to bash on Emilia Clarke, she brought some great energy to it, but the whole speech was basically her spelling out how super evil she was now just in case you were too dim-witted to have figured that out yet. Tyrion again enters frame, Dany accuses him of treason and he basically goes, “yeah I did it, but at least it wasn’t genocide” Dany then commands the Unsullied to imprison him. Why? I don’t know, Dany historically hasn’t really done the whole imprisonment thing, rather she prefers to let her dragon burn her enemies alive, but I guess we need Tyrion to give a speech later so he gets to live.

Jon looks really confused and conflicted and that’s pretty much been his whole character this final season so whatever. Arya shows up for no particular reason and tells Jon, “Yo Dany is real evil you need to do something about that.” Nevermind the fact that Arya is a trained assassin that can basically shapeshift into whatever person she wants to, she obviously needs Jon to kill Dany because she’s too freaking lazy to do it herself or something.

Jon then goes to talk to Tyrion who gives him the same kind of, “Dany is evil and she’s going to kill you at some point.” thing that Arya did only he adds the caveat that Dany will also kill both her sisters. Jon continues to look confused and conflicted.

Jon heads over to the throne room where Dany is touching, but not sitting on the iron throne. She’s all like, “are you ready to get down with your aunt yet?” but Jon’s pissed about her slaughtering children. The real shocker here is that it took two other people pointing out how messed up that is for Jon to realize it or care enough to actually address it. Dany tells him all about how she knows right from wrong because of course she does and when Jon asks what if other people think you’re wrong and she just says screw them I call the shots. Jon stabs Dany as they make out which should tell all women out there to never kiss boys because they’ll murder you, and sadly that’s more true that we’d all care to admit.

Drogon shows up and is pissed because mommy is dead, rather than kill Jon though he makes a political statement and melts the throne itself and then just flys off with Dany’s body. I guess Dragon’s are smart enough to understand concepts like how power corrupts even the most noble of spirits or something. I don’t know, I think they just did it to have a cool shot of the throne melting honestly.

We time skip several weeks ahead to a bunch of random lords and ladies meeting to negotiate for Jon Snow’s life or something, I don’t know it’s dumb. Tyrion is brought out because even though earlier in the episode Grey Worm was more than happy to execute anyone Tyrion gets a pass. Good lord Grey Worm really is like the stupidest character in the whole show. Grey Worm yells at Tyrion about not talking and then lets me give a speech for like 5 whole minutes because why not?

Samwell also gives a speech about implementing democracy into their feudal society and is laughed down because why would a group of like 15 people who control the world turn it over to the masses?

They all decide instead that Bran, the all knowing and totally emotion-less cripple will be king of the 6 kingdoms, because apparently the North just gets to peace out because wish fulfillment or something stupid. (ok maybe this finale is as bad as people say) Seriously though, there are at least two other kingdoms represented here that have wanted independence that don’t even bother to ask for it because I guess they’re not important enough. Bran names Tyrion his hand because again why not grant wish fulfillment to Tyrion if were doing it for Sansa? The only other take-away is how kind puberty was to Robyn Arryn.

Breastmilk man…

They then decide that Jon won’t be executed but rather sent North to serve with the Night’s Watch which exists for some reason still.

Grey Worm and the Unsullied/Dothraki (seriously why are they still alive?) decide to peace out, probably because they realized how screwed they got with the whole Jon Snow situation.

Tyrion preps for a small council meeting, Samwell is now grand maester, Ser Davos is master of ships and probably the only character ending I liked. Brianne is now Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and show up to the meeting after engaging in some serious historical revision about Jaime. Ser Bronn is now Lord of Highgarden and master of coin, because a sell sword who became a Lord is exactly who should be managing the kingdoms finances. I get wanting to put him and Tyrion back together, but couldn’t you just make him master of war or something that actually made sense? Of course not because we want to have him make a joke about using the crown’s money to rebuild brothels. Just please make it stop. Bran shows up for a whole 10 seconds to ask if anyone has seen Drogon since he peaced out and that’s a legit concern because he’s basically a wandering weapon of mass destruction and you want to at least try and keep tabs on that. Otherwise were not shown in any respect to how Bran will rule the kingdoms. He probably just stares at people awkwardly until they leave and ask Tyrion to solve problems.

Arya goes sailing because she’s apparently too cool for everyone now.

Jon arrives at the wall and then immediately leaves to go live north of the wall with the free folk because again, wish fulfillment. He pets Ghost this time though so that’s a small win.

Then it’s over. The only real silver-lining to how bad the ending was is that I’m not deeply upset that the show is over now, I’m kind of relieved that they can’t butcher these beloved characters anymore then they already have. I’ll get more into all the character assassination that took place throughout season 8 next time. Later.

Screaming the Anime aka Attack on Titan Season 2

I’m a big fan of binging through shows, it’s why I don’t really like watching shows during their season. I hate the waiting week by week to get another fraction of the story I’m being told. Maybe that’s just because I’m spoiled by all the movies I watch that have a beginning, middle and an end all in a single sitting. (Except you Sicario 2, you’re ending was lame and I’ll get around to writing why at some point) I just really don’t like to be left hanging so whenever possible I binge through series or at the very least seasons of television so that I’m not caught in this most unfortunate predicament.

This leads me to Attack on Titan season 2. Over the weekend I binged my way through the dubbed version, (yes I watched dubbed versions, look down on me all you want anime snobs, but I don’t watch shows because I want to read so stuff it) and I have something to say. Also no spoilerino cause I ain’t about that life.

Holy crap this season was a giant turd wasn’t it? Like I love this show and I’m emotionally invested enough that I’m going to see it through to it’s ending but what on earth was going on here? Why is everyone screaming nonsense so much? I don’t remember this being such a common thing. Like in the first season Eren did a lot of screaming, but the whole “I’m always a raging ball of anger” is basically his character so it’s fine. Everyone else though? Sheesh, can they use their inside voices like I don’t know, at all?

Also what was up with the pacing? It felt like narratively the whole show was stuck in neutral until like episode 8 and then it was on full tilt until the end. I actually almost stopped at episode 6 because I legitimately thought nothing was going to happen at all, especially since they spend whole episodes on side characters and then never come back to them or how their story plays into the bigger overall story of AoT. Don’t they know that things are supposed to lead into other things and a series isn’t just a bunch of detached stories? Speaking of things, they really casually dropped the big twist of the season didn’t they? (If you think me saying AoT has twists is a spoiler you’ve never seen the show)  It’s just, “by the way let me drop the biggest bomb yet without any warning whatsoever.” For a show that revels in stretching dramatic moments to their limits that really caught me off guard in the worst way.

It wasn’t all bad though, the animation itself still looked crazy dope and also terribly creepy when it wanted to be and when they finally get around to extended fights with titans it’s just so so so so awesome. Also while I’m mostly still very confused about many aspects of the story, I have to say the lore of AoT is just fascinating to me. Like I would be 100% ok if in season 3 they had a few episodes where they just have a character (speaking at a moderate volume level)  deliver pure exposition to just explain some of the histories of this world, but I also think that if the audience actually had that information it would take a lot of the drama out of things so it’s probably just a pipe dream.  If they could though, I just want to let them know the enormous dork over here would be extremely grateful to them for that.

Overall season 2 of AoT was pretty darn disapointing for me. Very few questions I had at the end of season 1 were answered much less addressed, a lot of time was wasted on side characters that no offence I don’t give a flying care in the world about. (sorry if you like Connie, but that ish was B O R I N G)

Aight I’m done, until season 3 comes out, which by the timeline this show has operated on should be sometime around 2023 or so. Now I’m sad… must find something else to binge…


Yes… this will do nicely. Later


New seaon of The 100, gotta talk about it.

Everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic CW drama, The 100, is back and you can bet your sorry butts I’m going to write about it. I love this show, even though it falls into a lot of the same trappings of other CW shows. A group of outstandingly attractive people being forced into absurdly dangerous situations but still manage to care significantly more about who is hooking up with who, oh and that danger they’re in? Never fully subsides it just pivots to new problems and enemies. Despite that I still love this show, it’s my little diet Game of Thrones where huge power shifts occur and I’m always worrying about who is going to die next. It’s not like there ever is a perfect show. Except for Big Bang Theory of course!

So I want to talk about the newest season of The 100 beginning and that’s gonna involve me talking about both things that happened in the premiere episode and previous seasons. Spoilers for those who haven’t watched the show yet, but I can’t imagine why you’d still be reading this if you haven’t seen the show so I suppose its a bit redundant.

Let’s start by catching up with where our 3 major groups were at at the end of season 4. Starting with our leading lady, Clarke Griffin. Clarke ended the previous season being left by the adventure squad to pure in the fires of Praimfaya (Basically nuclear apocalypse V2.0) while they went off to live in space. Again. The once fabled “Commander of Death” has not perished in the flames but now must figure out how to live on this very desolate planet all by her lonesome.

Meanwhile, in space, the adventure squad of Bellamy, Monty (the best character IMO), Harper, Raven, Murphy, and newcomers Emori and Echo are all chilling in space where they’re waiting out this new end of the world. Don’t think they have a solid plan for how to get back to earth though so I’m sure that’ll be something for them to work out.

Finally, we have the bunker folks, our largest group. They chose to escape Praimfaya by heading underground as the name bunker folks might suggest. It’s not all that big of a bunker though so newly crowned queen Octavia, who won her crown in a gladiatorial contest has had to make the difficult decision of who to save and who to leave behind to be burnt alive. A decision that is only going to make those around her upset as they’ve been forced to leave their families behind and live with outsiders who they want nothing more than to kill. Not to mention that Octavia herself is one of these outsiders so most people aren’t going to be very keen on following her lead going forward. Will she learn to temper their anger and lead them with wisdom, or will she use violence and fear to control the masses? It’s gonna be violence and fear, but let’s pretend for a moment that it could’ve been either.

So that’s where we’re at. Let’s get into Season 5, episode 1, “Eden”.

This episode is very, very focused on Clarke and I had my worries that’d we were therefore gonna have our new season start with a really boring episode. It turned out to be pretty good though, we got a lot of important emotional moments for Clarke as she was finally able to take a moment to grieve the loss of just about everyone who was important to her life. We also got time for her to feel the guilt and remorse for her very large body count. (You don’t become “Commander of Death” for nothing kids.) All is not lost for Clarke as she finds some hidden valley that didn’t get rocked by the flames and also a child who also survived. Then we get this 5 and a half year time skip that tells us nothing about what Clarke and her new pal Madi did, but I’m assuming that they’ll be a bunch of flashbacks throughout the season to fill in those gaps so I’ll let it be for now. When the time skip ends we get to meet the prisoners, a bunch of ex-cons who come back to earth after being cryogenically frozen for a long long time. I wonder if Clarke will be able to make friends with them… and she’s killed two of them. Old habits die hard I suppose. I’m curious to see how Madi and Clarke’s relationship changes as Madi witness Wanheda up close and personal. Should be interesting.

We did get a brief look at what the adventure squad was up to in space, mostly just eating algae and hooking up it seems. Raven is learning to fight from Echo and that’s nice because it gets her one step closer to being a true one-woman army which will be awesome to see. Other than that Murphy is still being a complete tool, but also still in a kind of lovable way. They also spot the prisoner ship, but they see the “mothership” so to say and decide that its time to get off their station and go say hello to their new neighbours. Surely nothing could go wrong there…

Finally, we have Octavia fully embracing her violent ways with a nice fighting pit in the bunker where she watches people murder each other from her shiny throne. Is she using the fighting as some sort of justice system? Trying to thin the population to keep supplies from running out? Is she trying to distract people from the fact she has no idea what she’s going to blood sport? Has she just gone fully psycho and just like watching people die? Is it all of the above? Who knows, we only got like 30 seconds of it in the episode. Guess I’ll wait till next week to find out why she’s just chilling out watching people murder each other. As will we all, later.