This is the 100th post on this silly blog of mine. Some might think this would be a good time to stop and reflect, but I’ll be honest. I have no interest in doing something like that. I’ve had this blog for nearly 4 years now. I originally wanted to pass 100 within the first year. I’m not satisfied with only now reaching 100. Maybe once I get to 1000 I’ll come back and do some reflection, but right now I don’t want to look back and pat myself on the back. I want to keep writing at the pace I’m going at right now, I like the rythm I’m finding right now, and while I’m not totally satisfied with the actual writing, I am happy that I’m not obsessing endlessly about making it perfect to the point where I get so frustrated I just publish whatever and end up pushing hot garbage out. That was not fun to write

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I just wanted to write a quick post to thank the people who gave me suggestions for things to listen to and eat on my upcoming road trip. (I’m currently on the road, that came fast.) First up big thanks for Brad who brought up the idea of Audio books, something that hadn’t even crossed my mind. I didn’t end up going with anything he recommended, instead I decided to dive head first into some politics with A Higher Loyalty, former FBI director James Comey’s book. I was sold on this book pretty much as soon as I realized it wasn’t just about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If it had just been a rehash of that nonsense I would’ve skipped, but I’m genuinely intrigued by the mans career as a whole. Next up Emma made a great suggestion with a Spotify playlist titled, “Have a Good Day.” Def gonna be a lot of car singing with this playlist. Also

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