The Happytime Murders

So the Happytime Murders was released in theatres this weekend and I saw it. Oof. This movie was just plain old frustrating to watch. My personal takeaway from this movie is how utterly unrefined it was. And not just in the fact that it takes the idea of a raunchy comedy and leans heavily into it like so much that it was the only thing they marketed about it, but it felt like every joke and story point never made it past a first draft. Like something would get suggested by the writers and at no point did anyone ask,…

The Dumpster

Ok, so I sat down yesterday to start writing out the final post looking back at my 8 months with MoviePass. I was planning on talking about the 8 worst movies I saw in that time, but as I started working through it became really clear to me that I only wanted to talk about one of these movies. So that’s what I’m gonna do, just keep in mind that while I’m only specifically talking about one movie, there are 7 others that I feel just as much contempt, disappointment, and anger towards. So Trek: The Movie, what a mess….