The Dumpster

Ok, so I sat down yesterday to start writing out the final post looking back at my 8 months with MoviePass. I was planning on talking about the 8 worst movies I saw in that time, but as I started working through it became really clear to me that I only wanted to talk about one of these movies. So that’s what I’m gonna do, just keep in mind that while I’m only specifically talking about one movie, there are 7 others that I feel just as much contempt, disappointment, and anger towards. So Trek: The Movie, what a mess….

Bad Burgers

Aight so yesterday was the last day of classes for the semester, I’ve been doing pretty good about eating better and I decided to reward myself with a good ole fashioned burger. So I hop in the car, buckle up (I ain’t trying to die out here ya know?) and head out. I had planned to go to this place called Mooyahs to get their chili burger since I freaking love it, but alas I saw the golden arches and my brain just went, “Ya know a Big Mac sounds really good right about now.” So I end up at…