Worlds Day 1

Rejoice League of Legends fans for the World Championships has finally begun it’s month long journey and since I don’t have much going on in my life I might as well be here to sum up the whole thing as it happens! If you’re new to league of legends fret not, there is a short quiz you can take that will tell you what team you aught to cheer for and it can be found here. It’s like those personality tests in magazines but for video games! Credit to @Fionnonfire for creating the quiz in the first place. Go ahead and take it, I’m sure you’re curious about the results. Now that you have taken the Teamdr quiz (that is what its called) you are ready to hear about how your new favorite team did today. However if you recently found out you’ve actually been a lifelong fan of TSM, Origen, LGD or KT rolster your team did not actually play

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