Definitely not Rip on Katie Broadhead

As you might know, when close friends of mine get married, I forcibly remove myself from  the throne of all time great procrastinators in order to write some nice things about them. The last time I did this was for my friend Kim Passey and I titled the post “Rip on Kim Passey” (You know since getting married is like dying hehehehehehe) Some folks, (my sister) took issue with the title thinking I was writing an actual eulogy and that person had really died. Apparently I’m the kind of person that would start a eulogy with “rip on.” I like memes, but come on I have respect for people too! At least a little. Title rants aside I am here today to say some lovely (hopefully) things about a very good friend of mine Katie Broadhead. I feel it is very important for me to say lots of nice things now since she has made the mistake of allowing me

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Rip on Kim Passey

Alright so I probably won’t find the time to write this out next week and it obviously needs to be done before she passes on/get married/whatever you wanna call it so were just gonna get on with it today I suppose. For those of you who don’t know when particularity close friends of mine (Somehow all female so far, come on bros! step it up) get married I have a tradition of writing a blog post about them and the importance of their friendship to me. Basically it’s meant to be a lame piece where I sing the praises of a person or something like that. Today I sing the praises of one Kim Passey. Kim is the realest friend I’ve ever had. Not to say that anyone of my friends are fake, but more to emphasize the point that Kim is the one that has been around to have the much less fun conversations that are still very important

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