The Old Jonny

Today around 5:30 AM while I was at work I had this idea of making a parody of the Kanye West song, “I Love Kanye” and somehow I actually went and made it. So yeah, I know I’m a genius. Be jealous.

My Melatonin Story.

I very rarely get sick, maybe once a year tops, but when I do I become completely useless as a human being until I get over it. This really isn’t that bad since it usually never takes more than 24┬áhours for me to get back to being “healthy.” Healthy is actually a pretty bad word to use there since that word can never really apply to me in a serious sense. Functional works better. So it takes 24┬áhours for me to return to being functional. Usually. Why am I telling you about this? Because last week I came down with a fever and it was a very different experience than I’m used to. It became apparent about mid-day last Wednesday, when I was sitting in my American Heritage lecture and I realized that 20┬ásomething minutes had passed and I had done nothing more than stare blankly forwards. I couldn’t go home though since I had quizzes in my other classes

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Quick Catchup

So I’ve been living in the United States for a couple of weeks now. I gotta say, it is more different that I initially thought it would be. Maybe its because I never really sat down and thought about what it was going to be like when I got here, I just sorta knew this is where I needed to be and went for it. Now that I am here though I gotta say it is fantastic. This really says a lot about what a lazy chump I can be, but I still can’t get over how much better the fast food is here. In absolutely every way the US beats Canada in this category, it monumentally cheaper, (Like 50-60% of what I would pay in Canada.) the staff are friendlier and more actually listen to customer orders, (If I had a dollar for every time I asked for no onions and got onions on a burger I’d have a

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