Change My Mind

Folks, I’m not above admitting I’m wrong. Not terribly long ago I wrote a post where I railed against sweatpants. I said they had no place in the public eye and that unless you’re lounging at home with no intent to leave the house you shouldn’t be wearing them. I was wrong about that. Kind of. I still loathe those big baggy grey sweats that absolutely no one has ever looked good in. However, I have since written that post purchased a couple of pairs of sleeker athletic sweats for my job and I’ve become a bit of a convert….


Recently I’ve come to a realization. I care about fashion. Not like an overwhelming amount, I’m not going to be looking out for all the hot new trends and paying out the nose to be the first to own them, but I genuinely care about the clothes I wear. This is a complete and total reversal of how I thought about fashion growing up. As a younger man, I thought fashion was a complete and total waste of time, and the only rule that was worth following was “Comfort is King”. (I don’t know if that is an actual rule,…