It’s been less than a week people. Less than one week since Avengers: Infinity War was released in the US and yet I’m still seeing people pretty causally dropping spoilers. This really bothers me even though I was lucky enough to dodge all spoilers before going to see the movie. It just seems pretty rude to me though. Like, don’t you want everyone to be able to have the same experience that you had watching the movie? Don’t you realize that just posting on FaceBook comments about potential character reveals can really sour the movie for people who didn’t rush to the theatres in the first week? Life is busy, not everybody makes it out that first weekend. So just be cool, and maybe wait a while before casually letting people know that Batman dies fighting Voldemort in an epic battle on Hoth ok? If you need a general guideline I’d say after a month you’re ok. People who haven’t

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