Genesis 3: The Salty Suite

This weekend there will be a huge Super Smash Brothers tournament with the third installment in the Genesis series. The Melee portion of the event will feature over eighteen hundred participants including all but four of the top thirty-two currently ranked melee players. (Amsa, Hax, Fly, and Leffen are not in attendance.) The tournament is going to be massive and there are a hundred million stories going into the competition. Rather then try to break down all of these separate story lines I’m going to focus on a side event; The Salty Suite. For those unfamiliar with fighting games, salty suite is a term used to describe an event where people set up a live stream in a hotel room and a few show matches are played. These typically feature players who have recent history, (almost exclusively bad) rivals who haven’t met in tournament in a long time, or legacy matches with old-school players. Salty Suites in most fighting games feature

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