Provo’s Most Eligible Ep. 3: Charmless and Inconsistent

Provo’s newest viral hit moves into it’s third episode and… it’s not good.

One rebranding later, and Utah valley’s most awkward show is ready to get back to business. On the surface this should have been the most exciting episode yet, one contestant abandoned the show without notice, the show’s first kiss, and even zombies! In reality though I think this is easily the worst episode yet released.

The huge charm of reality shows is the reality part. We all know that most of what’s on these shows aren’t real, but in the moment of it all, it feels real. Provo’s Most Eligible doesn’t feel real in any way, shape, or form. Every moment feels wholely manufactured, and a huge part of this is the way they’ve edited this episode. The initial group date initially tries to convince us that the contestants are legitimately scared of the antics of their zombie-themed escape room, it’s over the top but on its own it’s fine. It’s believable that some people could be easily startled, but when you show them freaking flossing in the very next shot it makes it impossible to suspend one’s disbelief. All I was able to focus on was how fake everything felt. Soap operas are more believable than this BS.

I get why the show is doing this though. People initially responded to all the cringy/relatable things contestants did and they focused on showing as much of that as possible. By focusing so much of their time trying to find all the cringy moments though we’ve been left with little to no time to actually connect with contestants or learn about them. Seriously every time I write about this show I have to go look up what these peoples names are. It’s embarassing to still have to do that after 3 episodes.

Combine this bad editing/direction ruining immersion with the horrifically blatant and shameless shilling for sponsors. Seriously, in the escape room date it begins with them walking in and then the camera pans up to show the name of the place and it holds that shot way too long. Then we actually get a speech from an employee of the escape room basically telling us why their escape room is so great. It’s just an ad, it had nothing to do with the show. This is repeated for the solo date when they go slack-lining and then out to dinner to Zaos Asian Cafe, all three of these activities have extended shots on signage or logos of the apparent sponsors. You want to know a better and more organic way to include a sponsor plug, have your host welcome the contestants to the place of business, have the contestants give meaningful reviews of their time there. I hope none of these people making the show are interested in marketing or advertising, because they suck at it.

The pinnacle of these terrible decisions by the creators has to be the fact that they had a contestant suddenly stop coming to the events and no joke there isn’t any closure on that. They have Colin talk about how disappointed and worried he is for 2 minutes and then they just never come back to it. Any reality show worth its salt would dump 15-20 minutes on that, it’s an inherently dramatic moment. Is she in danger? Does she hate Colin now? Was there a family emergency? Did one of the girls threaten her? What happened to Meghan?

We should have Colin talk about how concerned he is, then cut to a couple of contestants that want to throw shade at her, a couple more that are worried about her and at least one who is totally indifferent. From there actually make use of the host as he is constantly trying to get in contact with her, Colin placing a single phone call isn’t nearly enough. People need to investigate this and we as the audience need to see them investigate! SHOW DON’T TELL! After some investigation, they decide as a group to reluctantly continue, then after the closing credits, we cut back to Colin or Remington and they tell us what happened to Meghan after the fact.

For those unaware apparently she got engaged between episodes, which is like the most Provo thing ever, but the fact that I had to have a friend tell me that is beyond stupid. Shame on you show, I shouldn’t have to go do research just to find out why a girl just up and left your show.

Let’s actually talk about the episode and what happened though, I could ramble about the terrible production decisions forever, but people want hot takes about the contestants. After the “Definitely not a rose ceremony” that barely even made an effort to change anything (If I was Warner Bros I’d still copyright strike that ish) were left with Wholesome Kate, Old Maid McKenna, Kissless Elena, Diversity Hire Annalee, and Saliva-Swapping Annali. I’m pretty sure those names give a clear indication who I like and who I couldn’t care less about. If I had to guess I would say that Annali and McKenna are the two front-runners to win Colin’s heart. I’m still rooting for Kate though, even though she’s too kind-hearted for reality TV. Annalee reeks of “influencer” culture which part of me simply despises, and I’m still unconvinced that Elena isn’t entirely carried by her accent.

I’m being pretty mean right now, but hot takes are gonna get a little mean and the show gives me so little to actually like anymore I’m stuck just being a hater. What can you do? I committed myself to write about this show so I have to keep watching, but I acknowledge that I’m doing it pretty reluctantly now. I’ll do my best to keep an open mind and if the show gets its crap together I’ll get back on the hype train. Later

Important Q’s About The Bachelor of Provo

So the universe hates me and I wasn’t given a new episode of The Bachelor of Provo to dissect, but I’m determined to keep doing write-ups on this show every Monday. So in lieu of having a new episode to talk about, I’m just gonna ask some questions that I think could have a pretty big impact on the outcome of the show. I’m aware that I’m probably taking a reality show based in Provo too seriously, but what else am I going to do with my time? Something healthy and productive? LAME

Just to prove how way too seriously I’m taking this show here’s a fun fact. The average age of the remaining contestants is 19.3. Am I out of control? Whose to say? (I am)

When we’re introduced to Collin he states that he’s never been in a real relationship, first and second dates only. Combine that with the fact that he’s young and fresh off of his mission this leads me to ask, “Has Collin had his first kiss yet?” It’s entirely possible that he hasn’t right? If he hasn’t that can totally change the game, it would give a huge advantage to whatever girl can grab a smooch from him first. It would also pose a real risk because if a girl tried to force that moment (ya know that’s gonna happen) it would probably spell the end of their run on the show. A huge opportunity just sitting there if someone can navigate it properly.

I’ve also come to believe that another enormous opportunity is waiting for these girls. Collin is a recently returned missionary who hasn’t adjusted back to ordinary life yet, whoever can genuinely make a spiritual connection with him is going to have an HUGE leg up. Despite the use of all caps, the real keyword of that sentence is genuinely. Can they do it though? Can they connect with Collin over the gospel? Much like the kissing thing if someone tries to force a spiritual moment to happen it’s going to blow up in their face worse than that time Dwight used an insecticide grenade. I obviously can’t be certain of this, but I’m guessing that none of the girls on this show are return missionaries themselves. Pretty much because if any of them were then they would’ve brought it up when Collin talked about his mission. (which they all pretty much asked about) Shame, that could’ve been a huge boon for someone. Perhaps it’ll be like this show’s version of a twist, “Gotcha, turns out I served a mission and it was also in Argentina Collin!” *Audience collectively gasps*

Another big advantage these girls could give themselves is to stop chewing freaking gum while on camera. Who thought that was a good idea? Whoever it was fire their sorry butt it’s awful. Hopefully, they fix that in episode 2, but we’ll only know on the 25th when it airs. Until then I’ll just stare at my wall or something. Later!

Photo credit to @TheBachelorofProvo Instagram, check it out!


I’ve come to a realization in the last week or so. My taste in music is like really weird. I definitely I had some preferences that were a little out there, but I honestly hadn’t realized just how far out there I’ve strayed. It took a full weekend of people asking me, “what is this?” rather than “Wow! WHO is this?!” while listening to music to make me fully realize that things might have gotten out of hand.

How many people do you know that still listen to Linkin Park? Probably a decent number, that ish is dope. How many people do you know also enjoy the musing of one Michael Buble? Definitely less, but I’m sure there’s some overlap right? Now let’s add K-pop into the mix as well. We’re almost certainly down to single digits of people you know with all of these combined tastes. Just to top it all off add a dash of love for hardcore rap just to top off this remarkably weird musical ice cream sundae. Perhaps you’re still unconvinced? Let’s get the sprinkles on there too, just the other day a co-worker of mine suggested I check out some Armenian Reggae, and I was just like, yeah sounds dope!

That’s not what normal people do, normal people hear Armenian Reggae and think, “there’s no way on earth that combo works out, hard pass” Not this guy though.  This guy went head first into it and guess what? That ish is sick af! Ok not actually sick af, but worth a try for sure.

I’ve actually known that my music taste was this weird for a long time, but what my real realization was that my music taste has gotten so weird, that I have completely lost the right to criticize anyone else’s taste in music. How am I supposed to look people in the eyes and say that crap like (insert generic pop artist here) is bad when I’m still unironically listening to Avenged Sevenfold? It’s just not right, is it? So I don’t judge people for their music anymore.

Now that I’m writing this all down I’m realizing that I should probably be extending this out to pretty much all forms of media. Can I really make fun of someone for watching soap operas when I’ve seen every episode of Glee ever made? Not really. Who am I to really say that The Greatest Showman is a snoozefest when I honest to goodness still enjoy the Transformers movies for some sick masochistic reasoning? (I’m telling you, there is something wonderfully horrible about watching Sir Anthony Hopkins flip the camera off like an edgy 14-year-old!) Perhaps I should just let people like the stuff they like and just enjoy the things I like for what they are…

Nah, way more fun to needlessly attack things and be a nitpicky tool about everyone else taste while continuing to hold my own up as the pinnacle of media. /s

I’ll be cooler about it all, Later!

Screaming the Anime aka Attack on Titan Season 2

I’m a big fan of binging through shows, it’s why I don’t really like watching shows during their season. I hate the waiting week by week to get another fraction of the story I’m being told. Maybe that’s just because I’m spoiled by all the movies I watch that have a beginning, middle and an end all in a single sitting. (Except you Sicario 2, you’re ending was lame and I’ll get around to writing why at some point) I just really don’t like to be left hanging so whenever possible I binge through series or at the very least seasons of television so that I’m not caught in this most unfortunate predicament.

This leads me to Attack on Titan season 2. Over the weekend I binged my way through the dubbed version, (yes I watched dubbed versions, look down on me all you want anime snobs, but I don’t watch shows because I want to read so stuff it) and I have something to say. Also no spoilerino cause I ain’t about that life.

Holy crap this season was a giant turd wasn’t it? Like I love this show and I’m emotionally invested enough that I’m going to see it through to it’s ending but what on earth was going on here? Why is everyone screaming nonsense so much? I don’t remember this being such a common thing. Like in the first season Eren did a lot of screaming, but the whole “I’m always a raging ball of anger” is basically his character so it’s fine. Everyone else though? Sheesh, can they use their inside voices like I don’t know, at all?

Also what was up with the pacing? It felt like narratively the whole show was stuck in neutral until like episode 8 and then it was on full tilt until the end. I actually almost stopped at episode 6 because I legitimately thought nothing was going to happen at all, especially since they spend whole episodes on side characters and then never come back to them or how their story plays into the bigger overall story of AoT. Don’t they know that things are supposed to lead into other things and a series isn’t just a bunch of detached stories? Speaking of things, they really casually dropped the big twist of the season didn’t they? (If you think me saying AoT has twists is a spoiler you’ve never seen the show)  It’s just, “by the way let me drop the biggest bomb yet without any warning whatsoever.” For a show that revels in stretching dramatic moments to their limits that really caught me off guard in the worst way.

It wasn’t all bad though, the animation itself still looked crazy dope and also terribly creepy when it wanted to be and when they finally get around to extended fights with titans it’s just so so so so awesome. Also while I’m mostly still very confused about many aspects of the story, I have to say the lore of AoT is just fascinating to me. Like I would be 100% ok if in season 3 they had a few episodes where they just have a character (speaking at a moderate volume level)  deliver pure exposition to just explain some of the histories of this world, but I also think that if the audience actually had that information it would take a lot of the drama out of things so it’s probably just a pipe dream.  If they could though, I just want to let them know the enormous dork over here would be extremely grateful to them for that.

Overall season 2 of AoT was pretty darn disapointing for me. Very few questions I had at the end of season 1 were answered much less addressed, a lot of time was wasted on side characters that no offence I don’t give a flying care in the world about. (sorry if you like Connie, but that ish was B O R I N G)

Aight I’m done, until season 3 comes out, which by the timeline this show has operated on should be sometime around 2023 or so. Now I’m sad… must find something else to binge…


Yes… this will do nicely. Later


New seaon of The 100, gotta talk about it.

Everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic CW drama, The 100, is back and you can bet your sorry butts I’m going to write about it. I love this show, even though it falls into a lot of the same trappings of other CW shows. A group of outstandingly attractive people being forced into absurdly dangerous situations but still manage to care significantly more about who is hooking up with who, oh and that danger they’re in? Never fully subsides it just pivots to new problems and enemies. Despite that I still love this show, it’s my little diet Game of Thrones where huge power shifts occur and I’m always worrying about who is going to die next. It’s not like there ever is a perfect show. Except for Big Bang Theory of course!

So I want to talk about the newest season of The 100 beginning and that’s gonna involve me talking about both things that happened in the premiere episode and previous seasons. Spoilers for those who haven’t watched the show yet, but I can’t imagine why you’d still be reading this if you haven’t seen the show so I suppose its a bit redundant.

Let’s start by catching up with where our 3 major groups were at at the end of season 4. Starting with our leading lady, Clarke Griffin. Clarke ended the previous season being left by the adventure squad to pure in the fires of Praimfaya (Basically nuclear apocalypse V2.0) while they went off to live in space. Again. The once fabled “Commander of Death” has not perished in the flames but now must figure out how to live on this very desolate planet all by her lonesome.

Meanwhile, in space, the adventure squad of Bellamy, Monty (the best character IMO), Harper, Raven, Murphy, and newcomers Emori and Echo are all chilling in space where they’re waiting out this new end of the world. Don’t think they have a solid plan for how to get back to earth though so I’m sure that’ll be something for them to work out.

Finally, we have the bunker folks, our largest group. They chose to escape Praimfaya by heading underground as the name bunker folks might suggest. It’s not all that big of a bunker though so newly crowned queen Octavia, who won her crown in a gladiatorial contest has had to make the difficult decision of who to save and who to leave behind to be burnt alive. A decision that is only going to make those around her upset as they’ve been forced to leave their families behind and live with outsiders who they want nothing more than to kill. Not to mention that Octavia herself is one of these outsiders so most people aren’t going to be very keen on following her lead going forward. Will she learn to temper their anger and lead them with wisdom, or will she use violence and fear to control the masses? It’s gonna be violence and fear, but let’s pretend for a moment that it could’ve been either.

So that’s where we’re at. Let’s get into Season 5, episode 1, “Eden”.

This episode is very, very focused on Clarke and I had my worries that’d we were therefore gonna have our new season start with a really boring episode. It turned out to be pretty good though, we got a lot of important emotional moments for Clarke as she was finally able to take a moment to grieve the loss of just about everyone who was important to her life. We also got time for her to feel the guilt and remorse for her very large body count. (You don’t become “Commander of Death” for nothing kids.) All is not lost for Clarke as she finds some hidden valley that didn’t get rocked by the flames and also a child who also survived. Then we get this 5 and a half year time skip that tells us nothing about what Clarke and her new pal Madi did, but I’m assuming that they’ll be a bunch of flashbacks throughout the season to fill in those gaps so I’ll let it be for now. When the time skip ends we get to meet the prisoners, a bunch of ex-cons who come back to earth after being cryogenically frozen for a long long time. I wonder if Clarke will be able to make friends with them… and she’s killed two of them. Old habits die hard I suppose. I’m curious to see how Madi and Clarke’s relationship changes as Madi witness Wanheda up close and personal. Should be interesting.

We did get a brief look at what the adventure squad was up to in space, mostly just eating algae and hooking up it seems. Raven is learning to fight from Echo and that’s nice because it gets her one step closer to being a true one-woman army which will be awesome to see. Other than that Murphy is still being a complete tool, but also still in a kind of lovable way. They also spot the prisoner ship, but they see the “mothership” so to say and decide that its time to get off their station and go say hello to their new neighbours. Surely nothing could go wrong there…

Finally, we have Octavia fully embracing her violent ways with a nice fighting pit in the bunker where she watches people murder each other from her shiny throne. Is she using the fighting as some sort of justice system? Trying to thin the population to keep supplies from running out? Is she trying to distract people from the fact she has no idea what she’s going to blood sport? Has she just gone fully psycho and just like watching people die? Is it all of the above? Who knows, we only got like 30 seconds of it in the episode. Guess I’ll wait till next week to find out why she’s just chilling out watching people murder each other. As will we all, later.


I just wish sometimes that I was good at cyberstalking people. I know that makes me sound suspicious and creepy at best, but I think you and I both know I don’t mean it in any extreme way where I get ahold of private documents by hacking a person. I mean I wish I could take a small piece of information and manage to actually find someone on Facebook.

Ya know that kind of cyberstalking that pretty much everyone does these days? That one. I absolutely suck at it. That’s because I don’t do it.

STOP STOP I’m not trying to take any moral high ground here. I’m trying to say it’s just a part of our culture at this point and I’m really behind the curve. Ok?

Why do I wish I was good at this? A fair question. It’s simple. Last weekend I met a girl, I was in line at a sushi joint I struck up a conversation and I felt like we were hitting it off. There was some laughing, a little bit of flirting, yadda yadda yadda. (I know it can be hard for some of you to imagine me doing any of this given the appalling nature of my dating life, but it happened I swear.)

Next thing I know she’s got her food, heads out and I wish her a good night. 5 minutes later I’m sitting in my car realizing that I didn’t even ask for her number. Big whoopsie on my part. Oh well I’ll just look her up on Facebook, that isn’t weird right? So I pull out my phone (not while I’m driving) boot up ye old Facebook and start typing out her name, Jane. (not her actual name, really not into giving out people’s info without consent)

Then I stop. I don’t have a last name, she never brought it up and why would she? It’s not 1879 last names aren’t a part of casual introductions. So now I’m just sitting in my car realizing that all I really know about this girl is that she’s “Jane”, the cute girl from Alabama. (If I don’t give her name I think it’s fine to say what state she’s from.)

And I just know that if I was better at cyberstalking that I could track her down and ask her out. If only I was good at cyberstalking like a particular friend I have. He knows who he is. People that know him know what an absolute god of cyberstalking he is. This is a guy who could find anyone. We’d watch game shows like Wheel of Fortune (we were a lively crew) and this guy could find the contestants before the show was over. He is so talented that he could be the lead character in some crime drama where the FBI hires some guy to use his talents of cyberstalking to find criminals. It’d have a lame name like “The Catfisher” and would air at 10pm on like ABC or something.

But yeah, I wish I was good at cyberstalking. I’d probably settle for being good at talking to those of the opposite sex too though. Later.

VidAngel Solves Legal Conundrum, Maybe.

If you talked to me pretty much at all during the months of March and April of this year I’m sure I talked your ear off about the filtered streaming service VidAngel, and  it’s battle against Hollywood’s major studios. I did not hold a kind view of VidAngel at that time, and while I still have some major gripes with some of their advertising and marketing I have to admit that their new business model is one that I can get behind.

For those unaware, before VidAngel got “shut down”  users would effectively pay 1 dollar per film they wanted to watch through the service (2 dollars for HD versions) and you directly streamed from VidAngel. The new model is a monthly subscription (7.99/month) that uses the VidAngel filtering in conjunction with your Netflix, Amazon, or HBO subscription. So in order to use VidAngel you also need to have a subscription to one of these other streaming services.

This solves the critical legal problem that VidAngel previously had in that almost none of the movies offered on the platform were licensed and therefore were being streamed illegally according to  several major Hollywood studios. (Warner Bros, Fox, Disney, ya know little guys) VidAngel believed that the Family Movie Act of 2005 protected them, but that’s not so clear, hence the lawsuit that VidAngel is still fighting with Hollywood. Since the content being watched is coming straight from services like Netflix it’s all licensed and on the up and up. Now people are again able to remove any nasty or unpleasant material from Game of Thrones, (So the episodes are like 6 minutes each) they just have to actually pay HBO for it.

The switch to a monthly subscription is something that doesn’t really have any legal impact, but I’m still really fond of it because it’s so so so much simpler than the old model of buying a movie for twenty bucks and then getting nineteen dollars back so long as I “returned” the movie within a 48 (maybe 24, I don’t remember) hours period so that VidAngel could technically say that I “owned” the movie because they legally couldn’t call it renting even though the model was very obviously a renting model.

VidAngel isn’t totally out of the woods yet though, as I mentioned they do still have a legal battle with the major Hollywood studios that will have to be dealt with and while they are in a much better spot legally they are at least partially at the whims of streaming services like Netflix who have not given their blessing according to this article from Variety. Other streaming services could alter their services to prevent VidAngel from filtering their content. Although personally I’m inclined to think that companies like Netflix are unwilling to give their blessing at this time has more to do with the currently still open lawsuit and not as much about the new filtering model.

Never the less this is a big step forward for VidAngel and a win for anyone who wants their media filtered. Peace out folks.

Lazy Post: Playlist of Contemplation

I’ve found myself listening to a particular playlist of mine quite a bit lately, and I thought I’d share it with you all. As the title suggest this is a playlist I like to use when I want to be focused with my thoughts. Most of it is very calm music with a heavy emphasis and movie, game, and TV soundtracks, but there are a few other songs in there that I feel like help me think.

Playlist of Contemplation

  1. The Archadian Empire – Hitoshi Sakimoto
  2. Ash and Smoke – Howard Shore
  3. A Bad Dream – Keane
  4. Being Patient / Beifong’s Sacrifice – Jeremy Zuckerman
  5. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
  6. Baba Yetu – Christopher Tin
  7. Clocks – Coldplay
  8. Contradiction – Macklemore
  9. Cornfield Chase – Hans Zimmer
  10. Day One – Hans Zimmer
  11. Dedicated to Christina Li – Watsky
  12. Disconnected – Keane
  13. Do not go Gentle Into That Good Night – Dylan Marlais Thomas
  14. Dreaming of a Crash – Hans Zimmer
  15. Oblivion Medley – Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  16. Skyrim: Far Horizons – London Philharmonic Orchestra
  17. An End, Once and For All – Clint Mansell
  18. Every Little Thing she Does is Magic – The Police
  19. Extreme Ways – Moby
  20. The Promise – Masashi Hamauzu
  21. Finally Moving – Pretty Lights
  22. Fitzbonovich Gentonio – Jeffrey Felkowski
  23. Fountain of Dreams –  Super Smash Brothers.
  24. The Girl – City and Colour
  25. Happiness (Troubled Faces) – Pretty Lights
  26. Hold on, We’re Going Home – Drake
  27. How to Save a Life – The Fray
  28. I’m Not in Love – 10cc
  29. The Illusive Man – Jack Wall
  30. In Between – Linkin Park
  31. Invisible Sun – The Police
  32. Just a Dream – Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie
  33. King of Pain – The Police
  34. Last Agni Kai / The Phoenix King – Jeremy Zuckerman
  35. Legend of Korra End Music – Jeremy Zuckerman
  36. Suicide Mission – Jack Wall
  37. Mulan’s Decision – Jerry Goldsmith
  38. Neon Cathedral – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  39. Ocarina of Time Medley – Destiny
  40. Otherside – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  41. Prothean Beacon – Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan
  42. Read My Mind – The Killers
  43. S.T.A.Y. – Hans Zimmer
  44. Savannah – Bjorn Lynne
  45. She Has no Time – Keane
  46. Sloppy Seconds – Watsky
  47. Solar Sailer – Daft Punk
  48. Stars Full – Civilization III
  49. The Stweard of Gondor – Howard Shore and Billy Boyd
  50. Talk Show Host – Radiohead
  51. Tiny Glowing Screens Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 – Watsky
  52. Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement – LoZ 25th Anniversary Symphony
  53. Violet Hill – Coldplay
  54. White Lights – Djuro
  55. Why so Serious? – Hans Zimmer
  56. Wind Waker Synphonic Movement – LoZ 25th Anniversary Symphony
  57. Wing$ – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  58. Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi
  59. Clean Soul – Kevin MacLeod

So I realize that this is actually a pretty long list and many of you are not going to actually listen through this, so I thought I would hit you with five of my personal favorites on the list. First I’ll mention Baba Yetu, the main theme for the turn based strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilazation IV. This song is just such a plain joy to listen to, and for a fun fact it was also the first piece of music composed for a video game that won a Grammy. No biggie though. Next I have Fitzbonovich Gentonio by Jeffrey Felkowski. This piece just has a really cerebral feel to me, like it is what I imagine deep thought sounds like. That made more sense in my head. Anyways moving along we have The Illusive Man from Mass Effect 2. This is my favorite piece from the entire Mass Effect series because I think it perfectly describes the character for which the song is named. The Illusive man is enigmatic, powerful, and incredibly intelligent and this song let’s you know that. Fourth is In Between by Linkin Park. I’m not going to lie to you, I was one of the people that really enjoyed Minutes to Midnight and the calmer tone in this album is great for taking some time to think about the world around you. Lastly is Mulan’s Decision from you know… Mulan. Mulan is my favourite Disney princess because she gets crap done, and she does it not to find true love like more Disney princesses’s, but rather because she wants to protect her father. Even when she is exposed she keeps going because she has a genuine desire to protect her country. Mulan is a patriot and a boss. Peace out.