Where Else You Can Find Me

I’m not just an amateur blog writer you know, in fact, there are a bunch of things I do at an incredibly amateurish level.

Twitch: Lo, and behold I do some live streaming, I’m figuring out a way to have a clean and set schedule for this, but that’s in the works.  For those curious, it’s either me slowly descending into insanity as I talk sassily back at games or total chaos as I play games with old friends from Canada.

Instagram: Lots of bad selfies, photos of food that’s in no way good for me, ticket stubs of the insane amounts of movies I see, and occasionally even ones of me and my girlfriend, who is way too good looking to be wasting her time with me, but let’s not clue her into that shall we?

Youtube: This one has a more clear focus on movies and me reviewing them, but if I do anything else particularly stupid/funny and catch it on video I’ll throw it up there as well. Usually, when I say stupid/funny I mean rap parodies because people don’t know that I got BARS!